Cupid Carries A Gun [SOTW]

Have I mentioned that I love Marilyn Manson? This week’s Song Of The Week is Marilyn’s Cupid Carries A Gun. I really do not care what people think, I see him as an artist. Why? Artists evoke emotion from people through their work. And Marilyn has pissed off a lot of people. Now, is that not emotion? Anger? It isn’t a great one, but it still is one. The first time I heard this song was as the theme song of a show called Salem.

I see past his bullshit and I know he does it to piss people off. He tries really, really, REALLY hard. Just look at his videos and listen to some of his lyrics. Okay, I do have to say that not all of his lyrics sound occult-ish, he has some real messages in some of his songs, as well. Hard to believe, but it is true.

What is Cupid Carries A Gun about? Pff… My best guess? I have no fucking clue. BUT… I won’t deny it is kind of satanic-sounding.

There is pounding of witch drums, which are used to summon evil forces… Then he sings about Cupid carrying a gun, which can depict the relationship between love and violence… or that love is shit. Depends on how you look at it. I really don’t give a fuck, I just like the song. I’ve learned not to try to understand some of his songs, for it will fry my brain.

I genuinely like this song because of the beat. It is unlike any beat I have heard before, I applaud the musical composer. The first five seconds of the song immediately grabbed my attention, it is so different. And, combine this beat with his vocal abilities & I start bopping to the beat.

Listen to his voice, the one that is clear as day and where he sings a bit high-pitched. Then, listen closely for the guttural effect of his voice, almost like he is growling. This is best heard when listening with headphones. Marilyn is talented and I love how he can play with his vocal range.

That is artistry.

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