Cafe Mojito in Guangzhou

Cafe Mojito (莫吉托啡馆) is one of the highlights of my disastrous trip to Guangzhou. I still have a monster headache. God always has a plan, so luckily things turned out OK. The first time I saw this cozy little cafe, was last night. Well, it was 03:00. In case you’re wondering, it really was three o’clock in the morning. How I ended up roaming the streets of Guangzhou, a city I’ve been to for the first time in my entire life is a story for another time. I might end up writing two blogs about this adventure because it’s just too unbelievable. Luckily, I see a potential blog post in any and every single thing I go through.

Guangzhou Adventures

Cafe Mojito is right across the street from the 7 Days Inn, a hotel I wasn’t supposed to be staying in… Again, that’s a story for another time.

My day started OK. My friend, Marcio, woke me up at around 07:49. We briefly discussed last night’s disasters, but I was too sleep – and a little cranky, to be honest – so we hung up within two minutes. I tried to sleep again, but then the phone rang again. It was someone from 七橙酒店, the hotel I was supposed to stay at, but couldn’t. Oh, I will get back to this soon, because I’m going to roast the shit out of them!

I ran a few important errands, then came back. At first, I wanted to explore the city a little. But I’m too exhausted, really want to be near my (shitty) hotel. Plus, I was pretty curious about this Cafe Mojito. When I walked by the establishment at three AM, backpack torturing my back and severely tired of dragging my suitcase, the sight of this place made me smile. It took my mind off of the pretty unhappy feelings I was experiencing at that moment. 

Coming to this cozy little place really brightened up my day!

What made this experience so unforgettable? For starters, the staff is very friendly. The pretty young lady behind the counter greeted me with a huge smile. It wasn’t a ‘my-paycheck-demands-that-I-smile’ kind of smile, but a genuine one. As if she was really glad I was there in their restaurant. Within a minute, a lovely woman greeted me and addressed me in English. This is a breath of fresh air for me. Unlike in Xiamen, where they still speak little English (and make no effort to learn it), I could appreciate the extra effort she made.  

Cafe Mojito
Cafe Mojito

What does this lovely establishment have in store for me?

After browsing through their menu, I decided to try their Spaghetti Bolognese. I haven’t had a really REALLY good plate of spaghetti in Xiamen, all of them have been so-so. But when there’s nothing better to be found, it can taste like heaven. I’m glad to say this was THE BEST I’ve had so far in China. Future trips to this city are definitely in the cards. I love food, especially if it’s good.

Aside from the good food, the restaurant is also very clean and has a very modern feel to it. I love that the tables and chairs are made of wood. The tables are a shade darker than the chairs. This is a nice contrast. Sitting in this nice restaurant almost made me forget I’m in China. 

One thing DID confuse me a little: the lemonade. Normally, when I see the word ‘lemonade’, I think of that drink made from lemons… but it turns out, ‘lemonade’ can be any type of sweetened drink with a lemon flavor. Cafe Mojito’s lemonade is a Coca-Cola with two pieces of sliced lemon. It’s pretty good. I recommend it. The Chinese name for it is 柠乐. The first character stands for ‘lemon’, the second for ‘cola.’

There are a lot more items on the menu, of course. Sadly, I won’t be here long enough to try them all. I will return to this city, even though it is full of thieves (asshat taxi drivers, even worse hotels). It’s a beautiful city!

Even though it was DARK outside when I arrived here, I still could see the beauty of this city.

Cafe Mojito’s friendly waitress told me they’ve been open just shy of a year. They work together with the hotel that’s located just above the restaurant. Mojito prepares breakfast for its guest, but non-guests are also welcome to eat here… of course 🙂

The name of the hotel is the Paco Business Hotel, in Chinese 柏高酒店. I really would like to add their web address to this blog, but the website is in Chinese. It has to be listed on Tripadvisor, so have a look see.

I recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a great time with some even better food.

Address in Chinese: 
07:00 – 01:00

Address in English:
Guangzhou City Tianhe District Long Kou Xi L 189, First floor
Phone: 020-3887-8661

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  1. So great you were able to find this light in your experience! Having lived in South Korea the past year I love the cafe culture and happening upon cozy places like Cafe Mojito!

    • Wow! South Korea!!! Amazing! What was that like??? I’m curious! It’s on my list of countries I have to see before I leave Asia. Any recommendations?? And you know, I try my best to find something positive in every experience, you never know what you’re being protected from… or what you need to learn. Were you also constantly photographed by Koreans? Chinese go crazy when they see me! Picture time with the Brown lady!

  2. oh wow, that’s interesting calling it lemonade when it’s really coke with lemon slices. I guess it gives a little hint of lemon to taste. That pizza looks good too! I think in most Asian countries, there are alot of thieves that stalk cause they know you’re foreign and from somewhere else

    • Hi Jenna!

      It was a first for, too. I really thought I would be drinking some “old-fashioned” lemonade. It’s pretty good! If you like Coca-Cola, just a few slices of lemon! It should be REALLY COLD, tho! And yes, the taxi drivers were HORRIBLE! It wasn’t easy to find one willing to use the meter. But next time I go, I’ll download an app and take the bus. Thank you for stopping by! I will reciprocate!

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