business Chinese

Business Chinese… SIGH OF FRUSTRATION! It is one of the hardest subjects to pass! We have a great teacher, he’s good at his job… but is exams are something else. He’s known as “Teacher Tight-Ass” or “The Asshole.” It all depends on who you’re talking to. When he invited us to dinner, I wasn’t planning on going. He’s said many, many unpleasant stuff about Africans and Brown people in general. It’s pretty disgusting. But what are you going to do? You can’t exactly complain to the school, because they will deny any kind of racism here in their cherished establishment. Then what’s the end result? A very pissed off teacher who will fail your ass, no matter what you do.

He invited us to a restaurant not too far from the school. I don’t remember why, but I arrived there almost thirty minutes late. All of the students there, of course, were only there out of fear. “If I don’t go, will he fail me?” I can say with certainty, that most students think he’s an asshole and the thing he says are mean and racist, but they laugh and agree with him, because they want to pass his course. On one hand, I can’t blame them. But then again, I’m thinking, “Grow a fucking backbone!”

Business Chinese can be made easier. I guess he just wants to challenge us.

I severely disliked that he loves to compare us with Chinese students. “You guys are too slow, with Chinese students, I cover three times the amount we did today.” Uhm, news flash! It’s not because Chinese students are smarter than us, that’s not the case. We are foreigners, our first language is something other than Chinese. He can’t expect us to digest the same amount of words and understand them THAT SAME DAY! We’re not able to do that. It’s the same thing when I teach English: there’s only so much they can digest in one day.

It was a lovely evening, all in all. After dinner, the teacher invited us back to his apartment for some ice cream. We all went, of course, we want to pass business Chinese. At his house, we talked a little, watched Brazil play against… some other country partaking in the 2018 World Cup. Don’t ask me which country it was, no idea and I don’t care. Not a soccer fan. I did “meet” Ronaldinho here three years ago, which was great. But please, don’t ask me if I’ve seen him play. I watched some videos of him on YouTube after I “met” him, but other than that… zero interest in the game.

He can be a nice guy, I guess he just chooses to be an asshole most of the time.

I can go on FOREVER about this teacher, who I both like and dislike at the same time. It was a nice night and a great way to bond with some of my classmates, when they weren’t too busy kissing the teacher’s ass.