Brazilian Food in Benzdorp: Predictable

Brazilian Food in Benzdorp is predictable. I love food, eating weird things is so fun for me. I had a great time while I lived in China. Well… the food poisoning was not so great… but it was awesome, LOL! So I really look forward to the food when I go to these places. But it is very predictable. Over four to five years ago, I was in a long-term relationship with a beautiful Brazilian man. He is beautiful inside and out & we are still friends to this day. We met when he came to live in Suriname for two to three years, and I was his Dutch teacher. One thing led to another, and we started dating. There was one thing he had a colossal problem with: Surinamese food. I do not know why, but he could not stomach it. He said our food is too sweet.

So, when you go to places like Benzdorp, do not expect to find any local food. Although I love Brazilian food, the Brazilian food in Benzdorp is so-so. Do not go there expecting to find Michelin star restaurants there, that will never happen.

This is the restaurant where we had our first lunch. The floor is uneven and squeaky, but no worries, you will not fall to your death. The restaurant is on pillars along the shoreline.

Like I said in a previous post, garimpeiros are loud. To our left, a Brazilian guy blasted Brega through his wireless speakers. Now, less than fifty feet from us (where you see the people in the background), a few Aluku youth blasted their music. Can you imagine trying to get work done in such a hectic environment? But I am glad I experienced these things, because I know I can adapt to any environment I am in.

Though I know the food in Benzdorp is not very diverse, I still look forward to it. Why? One cook can be better than the other. So I am looking forward to the creativity.

We ordered some food; I let my colleague order. She lived in Brazil for some time, so she knows the food better than I do. But it is predictable. I do not know why, but for lunch, they always choose their Feijão . Let us not forget the macarrão, a salad, and steak.

Day 1

As you can see in the photos, we had the predictable Brazilian lunch. Beans, spaghetti noodles & salad are a staple. Then, we ordered one more thing I had never heard of: Cozidão. This is a soup made from meat & vegetables. It was my first time eating it, so I liked it. My colleague said she had eaten better versions of it in Brazil. I liked it. 🙂

This soup had different leafy greens, pumpkin, cassava, some fatty meats, and some veggies I did not know. But It was good. The fatty meats aside, of course.

We also had dinner at night, even though the food in Benzdorp is… well… the same in every single restaurant.

Day 2

We asked around the different places if there are other restaurants in the vicinity. Someone told us about a restaurant close to Ronaldo. The cost per meal (per person) is around seven Euros. Yes, Euros. Because it is opposite Maripasoula, everything is in EUROS!

This restaurant was a bit more creative with the salad, I liked it better than the one I had the day before. Are you wondering what that black thing on the plate is (bottom left photo)? It is some kind of steak. It was dry and hard, but I need meat in my diet, so I ate it. No, I would not recommend it, but we bought it, so I ate it.

So, in summation… what can you take away from this post?

One, Brazilian food in Benzdorp is predictable. If you dislike beans, salad, spaghetti noodles, and salad, bring your own food. It might be hard to find a place you can cook, so bring Ramen noodles if you will only be there for a brief period.

Two, bring EUROS!

Let me know your thoughts! <3


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