Bratva Redemption Is The Worst Book

Bratva Redemption is the second and final (THANK THE STARS) installation in the Bratva Debt Duet. Now, I cannot stress how much I hate these books. They are so bad that they are magnificent. The only reason I read both of them is that I was already invested in the story of the Bratva Douche a.k.a. Kazimir Volkov and Alegra… I do not know her last name. But these two books are now on my Most Horrible Books Of All Time list. When I have enough books on this list I will dedicate a blog to it. Fifty Shades Of Grey is on #1.

Where was Dobby the fucking house-elf when I needed someone to snatch E.L. James her laptop to stop her from writing such TRASH?!

So… Bratva Redemption… Hmm… Let me tell you a secret: I skipped through almost 70% of the book and I do not know how it ends.

I take it this is Bratva Douche – Image Source

I did not finish (DNF) Bratva Redemption because it was just so painful to read. Yes, Bratva Douche is Russian, but I ssssooooo dislike how she ‘wrote’ a Russian accent. It hurt my brain to read that. Let me tell you, I have met Russians with very subtle accents, could he not have been one of them? SIGH!

Sometimes darkness overcomes light.

Alegra is gone. 

Vanished into thin air and I am going out of my mind. 

We made progress. 

We made love. 

I showed her kindness and gentleness, when I had no idea that I had any. 

Beneath the frozen surface of my soul, there is warmth. 

There is Alegra. 

She found out an ugly truth. A past I had no idea existed. And now? 

Alegra finds herself in the arms of the enemy. 

I’ll raise hell to bring her back where she belongs.

I don’t care what I need to do.

Who I need to kill. 

Because sometimes evil wins.

And make no mistake, I am the evil. 

Blurb from Amazon

What a fuckwad. Last week when I wrote about the first book, I already stated what I disliked so much about the characters and the story. BUT!!! Today I really want to share some GEMS from the book with you!

I will quote some lines from both Bratva Addiction and Bratva Redemption. Come to think of it, I might not have enough quotes from the second book because it is a DNF.

Alegra & Bratva Douche are in his mansion (this is after he kidnapped her), they are having a little argument, and Alegra says to Bratva Douche, “Fuck you.” Jeez, Alegra is such a firecracker, I want to do a voiceover and mock the shit out of her juvenile defiance.

I grab her hair and yank it back until I know it brings pain. “We will fuck, don’t worry, but not until you have accepted me, accepted this. You will let me in.”

“I’d rather die,” she whispers.

“If you die, plan for me to be buried by your side. You are not getting rid of me, Alegra Wilson. I am yours.”

– excerpt from Bratva Addiction

What is my reaction to this?

She has no idea how dangerous of a man I really am.

Bratva Douche’s words

Okay, Bratva Douche, you are such an alpha fuckwad. The author did not have to write this. If he is as dangerous as he has to remind all the readers that he is, it is better shown in the interaction with others. How do people react to him? BIG FAIL! I LOLLEDDDD!

There is more I have to share, so grab your popcorn!

I lay down in the lounge chair next to her. My cock presses against the tight material of my briefs, the tip peeking out in my thigh. I don’t hide it. I have no shame in my size, because I know I have a big dick.

Bratva Douche just proved he’s an UBER douche!

Oh my! He is an even bigger dick than his big dick. LOOOOL! This is toooo funnyyyy! All of the authors who write this kind of crap drink from the same sad well, and I have had enough of it. This well needs to be filled in with sand. Someone, please get rid of the-controlling-unreedemable-no-character-development-emotionally-broken-alpha-douche-with-the-big-dick well.

While reading his scene I kept imagining a chicken pressing against the tight material of his briefs. LOOOOL! I would love to see that.

So Bratva Douche is walking around with a third leg. Alrighty then. What a fuckwad.

Would you like to start with a bottle of wine, Mr. Volkov?” the waiter said, smiling and eyeing Alegra too much for my liking. He’s yound and tall with deep ebony skin and a wide smile. He reminds me of the type of guy Alegra would be dating if she weren’t with the likes of me. “Yes,” I say flatly. “I’d like a bottle of Chateau Mouton, the Bordeaux Blendof 1945.” And I’d like another fucking waiter (he’s thinking this).

Bratva Douche his insecure thoughts

Awwww… Bratva Douche is insecure. What. A. Fucking. Douche. BAG!

I silence her with my mouth, a grating howl leaving me that spills down her throat as I set a brutal, fast, bed-breaking pace.

Again, these are Bratva Douche his thoughts (words)

If you are wondering if they broke the bed… they did. Mind you, Alegra was a virgin. This is the first time they have sex and they end up breaking the bed. That is a motherfucking crock of shit. Losing your virginity is PAINFUL!

And, I have never heard of someone breaking a good, massive bed during sex. I know a bed can be moved out of place during sex, but not broken… unless it was made of popsicle sticks… or both of them were morbidly obese, which they aren’t.

I did not really read Bratva Redemption, it is a DNF. LOL!

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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