BOUNTY: A Simple Read When Extremely Bored

Bounty isn’t a terrible book at all, but it IS one of those books I think one should read when extremely bored. I would not attach a ‘read with caution for fear of losing brain cells’ tag to this book like with Owning Victoria and Bratva Redemption, no. This book didn’t hurt my head as much as the abovementioned, but I DID roll my eyes a few times. I mean, come on! We’re still talking about me here.

I stumbled upon this book because I was looking for sci-fi books. Not that I’m really into the genre, I’m not, but change is always nice. It’s the first time I’ve read anything by this author, and I am looking forward to reading more of her work. Tana Stone is an amazing storyteller, and she has my support. I officially am a fan of hers.

Bounty is the first book in the Barbarians of the Sand Planet series. It wasn’t boring… just entertaining enough for me to want to read the second book.

Okay, I give the author a TEN OUT OF TEN for the man with the washboard abs gracing the cover. Yes, I objectify men, sue me. The cover is amazing and definite eye-candy. It was enough for me to read the blurb and then the book. Job well done, Tana Stone.

As captain of the galaxy’s only all-female bounty hunter crew, Danica thought she was prepared for anything. She wasn’t expecting him.

Marooned on a sand planet, injured, and separated from her crew, Captain Danica Miller is not having a good day. When she’s rescued from the desert by a huge, gold-skinned alien, she doesn’t know whether to be relieved or to panic. Not only is he clearly a barbarian—a barely-dressed one at that—he seems to be able to read her thoughts. Even worse? She can sense his. And he seems to think she’s his to claim. 

The last thing K’alvek wants is a frail creature distracting him from his mission—even if he does feel drawn to her. Then why can’t he stop himself from saving the willful woman and vowing to help her and her crew get off the planet? Especially when what he really wants to do is drag her to his tent and never let her go. 

With the combination of the yummy man on the cover and this blurb, Bounty sure as hell promised to be an excellent book!

… or so I thought.

I like female bounty hunters, love women who take life (and men) by the balls. I liked Danica, but couldn’t really form a deep connection with her. But I liked her enough to read the book until the end. She repeats herself a lot, which kind of got boring after she said his skin was hard, yet silky soft. I mean… aside from the constant repetition, I really don’t think there is any such thing as hard, but silky-soft at the same time. I just can’t picture it.

The ridges on his penis remind me of something the guys in my country like to do. They put little objects into their penis to enhance sexual pleasure. It works, but not if they are too big. So, superb job on the writer’s part for that. I think it’s weird that the vee is there to stimulate the clitoris. Now I want to date an alien!

First, I’d want Superman (Henry Cavil) to kidnap me and have his way with me. Then, he can drop me on this sand planet with the hot Khal Drogo look-alike aliens (minus the big dick, tho).

K’alvek (no idea how it’s pronounced) reminds me of Khal Drogo. I think the writer might have had him in mind when she wrote K’alvek. That was a good call: Drogo is hot, and I was sad when he died. It’s safe to say ‘Danica’ also sounds like the nickname for Queen Daenerys, which is Dani. The name of his clan, Dothvek, sounds a lot like Dothraki. I can see the GOT and Drogo obsession here.

Even the tents they live in sound a lot like the Dothraki tents. Oh, and the sex scene where she’s riding him, I can tell that’s from GOT.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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