Bratva Addiction Is The Russian 365 Days

Today I read a free book online. I found this website where I can read self-published books for free. Since I will be joining that community early next year, I need to check out the competition. I have read some really great books, the authors invested in developmental editing, they invested in line editing, formatting, proofreading, I like that. But some books are just so fucking awful. Reading these books, I also discovered a new genre called Reverse Harem. I don’t really like this genre; a woman getting it on with three or more men at the same time (doesn’t matter if they are in love) is just a little too close to PornHub for me. I am not that open-minded. So… no.

I could get into the reverse harem if she got it on with them separately, not at the same time. THAT I can relate to. I too have loved more than one man at the same time. Sadly, I had to choose. But what if I didn’t have to?

So, let me get to the Russian version of 365 Days…

Bratva Addiction caught my attention because I liked the cover. There is a Black woman on the cover, which you (STILL) don’t see that often.

Covers with Black heroes and heroines have become more popular in the past few years. Especially with the whole diverse voices movement. So, the cover was the first thing that stood out to me. Then I read the title… BRATVA!

I thought, ‘Alrighty then, a Black woman getting it on with a Russian mobster. It still will be the same cliche story, but at least the MCs are a bit diverse. Maybe it will surprise me and they won’t be such fucking cliches like most characters in these books are.’

Bratva Addiction Cover

Granted, it isn’t the best cover, but the woman is pretty. That’s what I liked about it. FYI, I haven’t finished the book yet, I am at chapter five. But I just had to write this post because the book makes me cringe.

Bratva Addiction is cringetertainment… I hate this book…

I just hate this book so much already because it is the biggest fucking cliche I have ever read… But… I also cannot stop reading it.

I love shitty shows and shitty books. That is why I keep watching Tyler Perry’s BRUH, Tyler Perry’s Ruthless, and The Oval. Let me tell you, I fucking hate those shows, but I also cannot stop watching them. I like to tune in every week and get angry at the bad writing, the even worse acting, the hideous sets, and the fact that Tyler Perry is proud of putting trash out there. I am proud of his achievements, he is amazing… but he needs to know when to stop and ask for help.

Anywho… Back to Bratva Addiction…

Kazimir’s obsession with the curvy veterinarian student will be his undoing. Alegra’s addiction to the dangerous Bratva boss will be her destruction. They make zero sense to most, but a love story like theirs rarely makes any sense at all.

Darkness comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

And mine came in a tailored suit with a thick Russian accent.

I’m captive at the hands of a notorious man who’s a part of the Russian Bratva. My father owes them.

And the only payment he can afford?

Is me.

So here I am, staring into the cold eyes of the enemy.

Naively believing his every word.

Stupidly falling for his seductive touch.

He’s become my addiction.

There’s no other way to explain it.

But when the truth comes to light, I realize people don’t change.

Darkness, while it changes forms.

Never has good intentions.

Synopsis from Epub.Pub

So… Yeah… Red flag alert, people. The heroine has a severe case of Stockholm syndrome, just like the stoopit chick in 365 Days.

I am going to end this here, because I want to continue reading that shitty book. It is sooooo shittttyyyyyyyy! … but I cannnotttt stopppppp reading it! The book is sooo shitty that I just love how shitty it is. It is FASCINATING!

Oh, and his name is Kazimir… is that Russian name? I expected his name to be Vladimir or Oleg… or Leonid… I only know the cliche names. Kazimir takes Alegra (could her name sound more like something the doctor prescribes against a cold?) as payment for an unpaid debt. Her father borrowed money from the mob to pay for her tuition. Makes me wonder how smart her father is. So, DO NOT read this book if you are looking for logic.

What is the BEST part of the shitty book? He has been watching her for A YEAR!!!! He tells her he is obsessed with her and she will learn to love him. Again, I think the author of 365 Days and Bratva Addiction might be besties.

Kazimir has been watching her for 365 days!! This just screams, ‘It rubs the lotion on its skin, it does this whenever its told,’ to me. CREEEEPPPPYYY! Stalking someone does not equal love, it is borderline insanity… and AGAINST THE LAW!

If any man approaches me and tells me that he loves me so much that he has been obsessing over having me for over a year, THIS will be all I will think about (watch the video below).

Clip from Silence Of The Lambs – YouTube

Another book about a psycho who many women will fall in love with. I hate this book, but I also cannot stop reading it. Rating: one star for finishing the book, and one star for the cringetertainment, beause I cannot put it down.

I forgot to mention, just like the stoopit chick in 365 Days, Alegra also does not need 365 days to fall in love with Bratva Douche.

I do not know if the timeline in the book is correct, but according to my logic, it took her less than seven days to fall in love with this kidnapping-fuckwad.

This just gives a whole new meaning to Seven Days by Craig David. I am going to remix the song:

I kidnapped this girl on Monday, my hands were down her pants on Tuesday, we were breaking beds by Wednesday, and on Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday, she got kidnapped again on Sunday.

My special remix of Seven Days for this horrible book
TasteOfMusic YouTube Channel

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