Owning Victoria Makes My 2020 Shit List

Owning Victoria… where do I start? Reading this book really hurt my head. I found many books with the word ‘owning’ in the title and I am going to read them all to shit on them. Yes, I will read them just to shit on them. Of course, I do hope there will be one book in there that will surprise me, but I will not hold my breath. Owning Victoria is the first book on the ‘Owning List.’ I knew it would be a cliche, but I still believed the author could surprise me. Nope, I was wrong. This author also drinks from the same well as the Bratva Debt Duet author.

Book cover

Owning Victoria is book cringetertainment. This book is so… so… I do not even know how to describe this shit.

I hated this book and I started skipping at chapter twenty, or so. Whenever a book has more than twenty chapters I already know it is a shit show. There will be immature and unnecessary drama that will end up hurting my head in the end. And I am always right.

Owning Victoria hurt my head… severely…. seriously… I am not kidding.

Before I continue, I have to say this book was another DNF for me. I just could not get myself to read until the end. It was too unrealistic, I wanted to forcefully make myself barf multiple times, and sometimes, I just wanted to smack the author.

The book came out in June of this year, so it is still new. It has a lot of 5-star ratings on Goodreads, but I think those people are her family and close friends. Though they say they are not, I still think they are.

This book should be fucking illegal, just like Fifty Shades of Grey. People should get fined for reading them, and the authors should get some jail time to think about their fucking awful stories.


I was lucky enough to have escaped a world where I was viewed as nothing but a possession, a toy, a little plaything. Only, two years later I found myself owned by a man who made my heartbeat from the very moment I met him.

There’s just one problem– he doesn’t feel the same way. I’m merely someone he can push around and give orders to.

I hoped for so long he’d change, but he didn’t. So, I ran. I ran to the farthest edge of the Earth to escape all the pain, but he found me. He wrapped his arms around me and vowed that things would be different between the two of us. But, will they? I haven’t told him everything and I worry he and his club can’t handle the demons from my past.

My demons want more than just me now, but to get what they want, they’ll need me dead.

Nothing in this world comes without a price.

I only wonder if the price we pay will be worth it.

Book blurb from Epub.pub

After reading this, I knew Owning Victoria would be a piece of shit. But I read it anyway because I just love to shit on shitty books.

There are soooo many things wrong with this book I cannot name them all. First of all, Victoria is introduced as a virgin (BARF! I am so tired of this trope) who is to be married off to some mobster, her parents use her as collateral, and see her as a means to an end. There is no loving relationship between them. She is even locked in the cellar when she tells her parents she does not want to marry that mafioso brute.

One night, Victoria runs aways with her BFF Raven, and she starts a new life. Fast forward two years later, she goes by the name Amethyst, and she is working as a stripper-promoted-to-manager at the club she danced at.

Victoria starts dancing in a topless bar. There she falls in love with an Alpha Douche-hole named Tracker. Of all the Alpha Douches I’ve come across, Tracker is the Mega Asshole Alpha Douche-hole. I created this name just for him.

What makes this book even more confusing, is that the author doesn’t give a reason why her parents arranged a marriage between her and a douchebag mobster. The cherry on top is that her own mother is shtooping him.

This family deserves the Dysfunctional As Fuck Award of 2020. Keep in mind, there is no reason given for why they are like this… they just… ARE.

Tracker only has three words in his vocabulary: ‘bitch,’ ‘cunt,’ and ‘fuck.’ I don’t know why some authors think making a man with a mouth dirtier than a sewer rat, even when he talks to women, will make him an Alpha male. He’s an Alpha Fuckwad Douche-Hole Fucktard Dickwad, that’s what he is. If Tracker were the last man on earth, I would become a lesbian.

The only thing Tracker seems to be good at is slinging dick and tracking people, so it seems. Tracker is his nickname. I don’t give a shit what his real name is, it’s mentioned somewhere in the book. But he’s such an unlikable fuckass that I skipped through most of his dialogue. There are some likable fuckasses, I can’t think of any now, but Tracker certainly isn’t one of them.

Other things I HATE about this book:

  • Every woman is eye-fucking Tracker.
  • Tracker is a Fuckwad.
  • If Tracker calls her ‘Sweetness’ or ‘Princess’ one more time, I will chop my arm off and eat it. I can’t decide who’s a bigger douchebag: Massimo from 365 Days or Tracker.
  • She goes from being this boring woman with absolutely no personality to this firecracker who threatens a woman. Make it make sense.
  • Victoria moved in with Tracker because he took her virginity, and Tracker, being the Fuckwad Neanderthal that he is, said she was his and had to move in with him. KILL. ME. NOW!!!
  • The author dedicated the book to people who suffer from body dysmorphia. Well, I skipped most of the book so I have no idea if this comes into play. But she needs to dediate this book to stoopit women who think Alpha Douche-holes like Tracker are men to spend the rest of their lives with. If you’re looking for a quick fuck, he’s your man. But happily ever after? NO!

Have I mentioned how much my head hurt reading this book?

  • NOWHERE in the book is there mention of her being a badass assassin… but she suddenly turns into one to save Tracker? Mind you… she does this when she is PREGNANT! She’s a pregnant ninja!

There are thirty-something chapters in this book, but they’re all full of juvenile and unnecessary drama. This book was awful.

DNF (did not finish)!

I give this book one star because the author finished the book.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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  1. Do you have the link to the book? Just your scathing review alone makes me want to read it.

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