Before my move to China, Beijing was the place I wanted to live. Extensive research on InterNations is the reason I was convinced there was THE place to be. Since I was changing my world completely, moving from one end of the world to the other, why not do it well? BLCU still is the school of my choice, that hasn’t changed… but… I don’t want to live there anymore! Why is that? Well, winters in Beijing are the worst!

Freezing my ass off in Beijing – 北京, 中国

Upon my arrival in China, word reached us we would be travelling to Beijing (北京) during winter vacation. I was super excited! I was very disappointed when I was sent to Fujian (福建), but at least I was in China. One step closer to my desired destination. Travel within China is another thing I am looking forward to, so I was super excited when another city was added to our itinerary. Harbin (哈尔滨) Ice Wonderland is a major attraction. Millions of tourists from all over the world go there for this big festival. Don’t even get me started on the winter in Harbin, I’ll get to that soon.

I am from the Caribbean. Anything below thirty degrees Celsius is cold. The temperature in Fujian doesn’t drop below zero, but it’s still super cold. It surprised me, no it ANNOYED me, that we don’t have central heating in our rooms. I thought they were too stingy to foot the bill, for we don’t pay for utilities (part of our scholarship). Now I know that there is no central heating anywhere in the south. Yes, you read it: the south of China doesn’t have central heating indoors. Public places do, but apartments don’t. A friend of mine told me that the Chinese government wanted people to procreate, so there’s no heating in the south. The truth is, that the south is not as cold as the north, so no central heating indoors.

The moment I set foot out of the Beijing airport, I was so happy I was sent to Fujian. I was like, “Thank You, Jesus, Thank You, LORD! I would DIE here!” The city is HUGE! Of course, it’s the most important one. Despite the dead trees, it was still pretty beautiful. You want to know what surprised me the most? Our transportation was a huge freezer. I mean, the bus didn’t have any heating. I was the only person from the Caribbean, the rest of the students were Thai… don’t they know we come from HOT countries?

Beijing is HUGE, modern and impressive, but I don’t want to live there.

I don’t want to live there for now, but I might not want to, but I might have to. BLCU is one of the best schools in China when it comes to Chinese Language. To become the Interpreter and Translator I see myself being in the near future, I will most likely have to go to that university. It’s something I’ll think about when I get to that point.

Harbin is even colder. The day we went to the Ice Wonderland, it was -35! I know this is super gross and TMI, but my period came a week early. Yes, I was unprepared. I felt that thing you feel when you (women) just know, “Oh, this is my period.” But guess what? I didn’t have an embarrassing moment, because it was so freaking cold, everything down there just froze. It didn’t even really come, it just froze somewhere in there on its way out. It was the first time I said, “Thank You for this dreadful weather, Lord. Amen.”

Harbin Ice Wonderland – 哈尔滨, 中国
Harbin Ice Wonderland – 哈尔滨,中国
Me with a super CUTE pup! I wanted to take him home!

Much LOVE to you all!