Author Webinar Review: Was It Worth It?

This is the author webinar review of Chandler Bolt his Building Authority webinar. In a previous post, I wrote about how useless I think author webinars really are. I said I probably would not watch another one, but guess what: I changed my mind. Why did I change my mind? Chandler Bolt, the founder of the Self-Publishing School, e-mailed me and all of his subscribers about a new webinar. In that webinar, he will teach authors how to make money booking speaking gigs. For example, he spoke at a Tedx Talk once (or a few times), and he says he made a lot of money from other speaking events. He was so convincing, just as a good salesman should be, so I watched this webinar.

Exhibit A: A screenshot from the author webinar promotion. I promised one of my readers I would write this author webinar review soon, so here it goes.

author webinar review
Chandler Bolt from Self-Publishing School

Time for the Self-Publishing School author webinar review! Was it worth my time?

The webinar was Wednesday, April 29, 2020. I remember the date because I was at home calling up people for a project I worked on for the Surinaamse Waterleiding Maatschappij (SWM). That day, the calls were somewhat exhausting; almost no one seemed to understand or speak Nederlands. It was quite an interesting day, LOL.

Anyway… I joined the webinar five minutes late, but I had missed little to nothing yet. As usual, Chandler talked about his brother, who is a member of a Grammy-Award-winning (or nominated?) band. I forgot the name, for I have never heard of them & they do not interest me for now.

Yawn… same old, same old. But wait! He did not waste our time longer than six minutes, he dove right into the content.

I really appreciated that he did not blab so much, as he did in his previous webinars. Chandler got (somewhat) straight to the point.

Remember how I said that I dislike how they tell you, “Today I will tell you how to make THE best cake in the world. A complete, detailed, and step-by-step guide to baking perfection.” … Or something like that. It goes something like this:

One, you have a bowl. Two, have eggs. Three, a mixer for the people who want things done fast, and four, a working oven. They do not tell you where to get all the material, that you need to preheat the oven, blah blah. 99.9% of the hows and whats is left out.

Then he mentions others he helped. “I helped others bake delicious cakes. The key is to look within your own network and find out if there are potential bakers. If there are, you are in luck: You can also use their expertise & connections.” Shit like that. *Roll my eyes*

Oh! Above are three blurry pictures. What is in them? Well, as stated before, the main reason I do not like these author webinars is that they always sell you something. And he did not disappoint: He wants us to buy his PR & Speaking for Authors course.

To answer the question: Was it worth it? Nope.

I just wanted to confirm my findings… The author webinars really are useless clickbait. When I see some author his or her mail about some kind of webinar, I will just go to their website, check out their products, and buy it… or not.

Will I watch another author webinar in the future? For now, my answer is no.


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