Accommodation in Benzdorp: All in Euros

Accommodation in Benzdorp is easy to find, for there are many hotels. Not all of them are clean, that has to be said. The colleague I went to Benzdorp with told me she stayed in a hotel with rats! They had to hang their food in plastic bags above their beds, but the rats still got to it. These rats should audition for Cirque du Soleil. My first time there, I stayed in a hotel without a ceiling. You had the zinc from the roof, and that was it. Nothing could keep the sun from burning you to a crisp. The bathroom was clean but small. Not very practical to shower, and the toilet had no seat cover. And not that that matters, because I do not sit on toilet seats that are not mine.

A Brazilian woman working for the Malaria Program Suriname recommended we stay at a new hotel called P.T. Lin. The Chinese supermarket owners are very creative: they realize that the Brazilians need places to stay when they come to our side of the border to rest. So why not build hotel rooms?

Being that it is in the middle of nowhere (more or less), accommodation in Benzdorp is not cheap. It is between 15 and 20 Euros per person per day.

In the upper left picture, we are on our way to our new hotel. The dirty green building is where we had our lunch on our first day there. That also is the hotel with the rats. I know, you would not have eaten there, right? Well, I ate in worse places in China, so I am not so picky about these things anymore.

The bottom left picture is a kind of hotel reception. Go into the Chinese supermarket (we can see the entrance in the upper right photo) to pay, then go up the pink stairs. In the bottom right picture, you can see the Chinese shop owner his garden. They like to plant their favorite veggies everywhere they go. I thought it was cute.

NOW! *Drum roll! Let us check out my room!

Both of us had our own accommodation in Benzdorp, which was great. I do not mind sleeping next to strangers, but I preferred to sleep by myself. Okay, so let me show you the room!

The rooms are clean. It surprised me. That is the hard-as-fuck bed. The mattress is hair-thin; I would not have been able to sleep with another person on that bed. You can keep cool in the room, there is a wind-blowing-machine. LOOOL! I forgot the name. But you know what I mean.

All rooms have televisions, but I am not sure if I watched any TV there.

Would you now like to see the bathroom? Alrighty then! It is just behind that green door.

The toilet was not the cleanest, but it did the job for two days. There was not enough space to hover, I would literally smash into the wall. So I had to hover diagonally. That was interesting & I laughed while doing it.

The amount of water that came out of the shower was not enough, but I was happy I could wash the most important places. My colleague said she would not wash her private parts with that brown water from the river. She used bottled water. LOOOL!

It was better than the first time I went, that is for sure. There is a ceiling between the zinc and me! So it was a glorious room!

Have I mentioned that I fear cockroaches? Why am I mentioning this? Because three of them came into my room.

Do not ask me why, but I have a sixth sense for cockroaches. I am always the first to see them, they always come my way, and even when I am sleeping I will wake up and just see the cockroach immediately. This is not a joke!

I fell asleep around 20:00, woke up around 00:30, and looked in the mirror opposite my bed. Then I saw the fattest cockroach against the wall & not so far from my bed. The wind-blowing-machine (what is the name again?) was on, so I hoped it would keep the beast away. OH NO! Shithead just had to come my way.

How did I handle it? Well, I am proud to say that I did not scream. My slippers were next to the bed, so I threw one of them on top of it. It did not die, it just ran under the bed and disappeared into a crack in the wall. Then, a second cockroach ran at such a top speed from the window into my room. That thing meant business & it seemed as if it were running for its life!

The other pair of my slipper flew across the room and hit it.

No idea where the third one came from, but there was a third one. I do not remember how it left the room anymore. But yeah, I could not sleep anymore.

What did I take away from this? Always take Baygon with me when I go to the interior.


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