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Sticking to a posting schedule can be somewhat difficult, especially since I am sometimes strapped for time. All of the studying and trying to speak as much Chinese as possible, takes up a lot of my time. But hey, you are special to me, so OF COURSE I will make time for you, my lovelies! Since I am currently in my second year, I will be spending more time on studying. Yes, a little bit more than last year. But I can promise you my blog won’t turn into a ghost town again.

My initial idea was to post every day, but that will probably be impossible for quite some time. I used to add a new post three times a week, but due to my grueling schedule, I’ve decided to bring it down to two. I will now post on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

New posting schedule: Tuesday & Thursday

I tried writing during the week, but I know that’s highly unlikely. My weekdays are filled with studying, some extra-curricular reading to improve my vocabulary, and some writing so that I can express myself better in Chinese.

Happy reading!

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