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You are here because you are interested in my posting schedule, right? Great! Sticking to a schedule was exceptionally difficult during my time in China. I was busy with my classes, my jobs (YES, plural), and just figuring out who I am and what I want.

So, to update you: I graduated from 华侨大学 (Huaqiao University) July 2019 and I have been home in Suriname ever since. I do plan to leave again, but Suriname is and always will remain my place of residence. But, getting out to see new things is a priority.

So I’ll give you the details about my new posting schedule and what I will write about.

I write about what I want and I use a lot of profanity. If you do not like profanity I am SOOOO not the blogger for you.

Below is a detailed overview of my new posting schedule:

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As stated before, I blog about what I want, I do not blog for fame or what-have-you. This is just for me (and you, if you like what I write).


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