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Crazy Humorous is run by an aspiring author (that would be moi), who uses it as a creative outlet. I have too many thoughts to keep track of, so I need to get them down on paper to make sense of things. Living and studying in China is also a dream come true, so this blog is MAINLY about that. My experiences in China are truly amazing! I read all the comments that you post, and will do my best to answer all of them personally. Comments let me know your thoughts; I love to see the interaction on the site.

HOWEVER… every single place has rules. I also have my policies. Some more lenient than the other, but still, they’re rules. Don’t break any of my rules, or else you will be blocked. Well, not immediately. Your comment will first be deleted, second time around you’ll receive a warning, and the third time you will be banned. For real.

The rules for comments:

  1. DON’T BE A JERKY TROLL. It’s more than OK to disagree with me. Disagreement creates a healthy discussion, and that’s what makes life interesting. I don’t have the time to argue with strangers on the internet, but if you have an opposing point, feel free to share. I won’t delete comments that disagree with me. But if/when you disagree, please be respectful. I have zero tolerance for jerks.
  2. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. Please refrain from insulting fellow commentators. Those kinds of comments don’t further the conversation or persuade anyone.
  1. NO NAME-CALLING, HARASSMENT OR SHAMELESS PROMOTION. This is the same as the first two rules, basically. If you’re rude (on a regular basis), you will be blocked. No profanity, because my little cousins read this site as well. Please do not put links in your comments. That’s what the ‘website’ link is for when you comment.
  2. DO NOT SPAM! I love reading new comments, so please do leave your thoughts behind! There is one rule, though: please don’t use multiple e-mail adresses when commenting. I am building a list to mail you regularly, so if I have more than one e-mail address for the same IP address, it’s a bit confusing. Also, no adding your e-mail address or website URL into the comments.



I would just like you to know how I operate my website to avoid future problems. Please know that all pictures on this website, if stated otherwise, are created and used for the sole purpose of the Soon To Be Thirty Writing & Personal Blogs. I am an aspiring blogger & author hoping to connect with people in the blogosphere. If you enjoy reading my posts and would like to share, feel free to do so. I only ask that you do not use my material without mentioning its origin (with a nice link to my site) on your post.


Happy reading!


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  1. 你好 Sanrizz,

    This is my very first time to visit your blog; and as I am browsing through it, I am more and more flabbergasted by the quality of its content. That been said CONGRATULATIONS on this good work … I can not wait to bring my own contribution in making this blog more and more vivid.

    All the best

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