5 things I miss

5 Things I miss about China when back home… that is a tough one. There are a few things that have become so routine to me, I have a hard time adjusting when I go back home. Living in China has been a great experience, so far. Sure, there were the unpleasant moments, but it all depends on how you look at things. I choose to concentrate on the many positive things that have happened to me since I’ve been here.

Some amazing people have been added to my circle of friends, one of them a very pretty and (pretty) funny French girl with ass, LOL. Then there’s all of the amazing people I’ve met, some of them celebrated my birthdays with me. Last, but not least, my Chinese friends who invited me to their home during Spring Festival. More about that soon.

5 things I miss
5 things I miss about China when back home. Festive red lanterns hun everywhere during the Chinese New Year.

Though I love going back home, there are 5 things I miss dearly about China when not here.

There are more than 5 thing I miss when I’m not here, I think maybe 10. But I had to narrow it down, or else the list would be too long.

  1. 麻辣烫This means “hot and spicy soup.” My first year here, I stayed away from most Chinese restaurants. I wouldn’t be caught dead in one. I declined many dinner offers from friends, just because I was afraid of Chinese food. Why? They pay absolutely NO ATTENTION to food hygiene and proper food prep. Some people stopped inviting me out because of this. I think maybe they thought I didn’t want to spend time with them, or something. But, in my second year, I decided to take a walk on the wild side.
    5 things I miss
    5 things I miss about China when back home – The famous MaLaTang. Image Source.

    That is what the fridge looks like where the food is stored. The restaurant I go to has a much nicer fridge, I’ll take a pic when I go back. You choose what you want, then it gets cooked in the soup. My friend, Chiara, introduced me to this food last year. This is what it looks like when it’s cooked, more or less. It all depends on the sauces you add to the soup, and the color of the restaurant’s soup. Yes, some of them look different.

    5 things I miss
    5 things I miss about China – Check out the 麻辣烫

    I know, I know, you probably wouldn’t eat it. But I can assure you, the soup is good.

  2. 微信
    That means “WeChat”. It’s the WhatsApp of China. In the beginning I thought it was sooooooo stoooopittt, but now, I LOVE IT! You can send 红包 ( red envelope or red packet) to friends, you can receive one when you don’t have money. Movie tickets, train tickets, hotel bookings, food delivery, you name it. All of it is just  click away.
  3. Convenience of Public Transportation
    Now, if you know me, you know I hate public transportation. In Suriname I went everywhere with my car. My ex used to tell me that my car substituted my legs, LOL. Public transportation in China is CROWDED AF! Seriously! But, it is very convenient. Plus, I LOVE this app you use to get info about buses, trains, etc. So, so convenient! If you ever say, “I’m late because I was in a traffic jam,” you are a liar. There are so many ways to avoid these kinds of situations.

    Public transportation in China is so well-connected. It’s uncomfortable, YES! But it is very convenient.

  4. Speaking Chinese
    I love learning new languages, it’s something I do regularly. At the moment, I’m learning Italian. I will be volunteering in Italy in August. When I’m outside of China, I seek people out to practice my Chinese. Back home I usually do that in the supermarkets. They are so surprised when I speak to them in their language, many things are given for free. “Your money is no good here, it’s free!” In the words of John Mcclane: “Yippee kai-yay, mother*cker!”
  5. My personal space
    I love being alone. Sure, I like the company of others, but if I had to choose, I’d rather be alone. If I want company, I’ll go look for it. Unfortunately, we don’t live in my world, so not everyone will be available when I’m ready to come out of my cave. So, from time to time (even if I feel like staying in), I do go out with my friends when they ask. I love my parents, but sometimes, I just want to be alone.

In just a few months, I will be starting (what might be) the final chapter of my life here in China. No idea what my next step is, where I’ll end up next. But that’s the beauty of life. I’ll just take it one day at a time, weigh my options, work hard, and let the future surprise me! <3