wrong date

Yes, it’s me! I bought the ticket to go home, but I bought the wrong date! For those of you who know me, you will know that I’m “Miss Last Minute.” Almost every single thing I do, is done at the last minute. Lucky for me, things haven’t gone horribly wrong (yet). I drove my parents CRAZY! Well, I still do, LOL! Now I drive my boyfriend crazy.

My boyfriend knows me very well, because he kept telling me to “buy the right date, buy the right date!” I told him I’m not a little girl… but I still bought the wrong date.

I bet you’re wondering what had happened, LOL! Well, I was supposed to leave China on July 17. In case you didn’t know, I’m kind of a … “laid-back” person. Now, most people would say that I do everything LAST MINUTE (kind of like my university). I asked my Dad to check for me if there were available flights from Amsterdam to Suriname on July 18. There were no flights with our national carrier, Surinam Airways.

wrong date
Surinam Airways A340 – Image Source

I love my country and will support it any way I can. That’s why I choose to fly ONLY with Surinam Airways when I return home. Granted, there’s always a problem… flight delays, mechanical problems, bla bla. But, there’s just this feeling I get when I see my country’s flag on the side of the airplane. I know that I’m going home. It’s just an amazing feeling.

I had to choose a different date, but I still ended up picking the wrong date. Well, I didn’t know that at that time.

After a lengthy conversation with my Dad and KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) personnel, I decided to buy a ticket for July 15. That way, I would be in Amsterdam on July 16 around 06:10 in the morning. My flight back home with Surinam Airways would be that same afternoon around 15:00. Well… I was talking to a friend of mine of WeChat (China’s version of WhatsApp, only WAAAAAAYYYY COOLER!). He told me he was also leaving China on the 15th, but at midnight. I was like… HMMMM *pondering.* Maybe I should check with KLM again.

After checking with KLM again, they told me I had the wrong date in mind. I needed to be at the airport on the 14th. My departure time was 00:10 on the 15th.

Well, I thought that meant that I had to be at the airport on the 15th before midnight. Yeah, don’t ask me why I thought that. Since I need a visa for The Netherlands, I might have to stay at the airport for more than 24 hours. Not sure if that’s allowed, will find that out soon. Good thing Schiphol International Airport has hotels.

Wish me luck!