My Life in China
My Life in China - Chinese Version
Self-Publishing Journey

I love being an Interpreter, for it allows me to travel to different places, meet people from all walks of life. My childhood was very much a normal childhood, my parents were protective. In my kiddy years I watched a lot of movies with my parents, but I always had to cover my eyes with my hands if there was any kissing (or some inappropriate touching). In my previous blog I mentioned that the only prostitutes I’d ever seen, were the ones on TV. No one happier than Yours Truly at the […]


In the smallest plane I’ve EVER been in in my entire life! Aside from the pilot, it fits five other people. We were on our way to the interior. I love my job! In a previous post I talked about some of the work I did in Suriname. I loved working as an unofficial Interpreter for two very amazing cultural anthropologists. We met when they were in search of people who spoke both Spanish and Portuguese. They had to do research for the Ministry of Health concerning HIV and STDs. It […]


Image Source – Rolling Stoned NL I love adventure! No idea where I get that from, because my parents really aren’t thrill seekers. Before I tell you about a very exciting part of my life back home, let me tell you where exactly my beautiful country is. Though my beautiful country is located in South America, it is part of the Caribbean Community. Our country’s history and that of the Caribbean islands, is the same. We had slaves brought over from Africa, then Asian indentured laborers. I also think some island […]

real hair

When I decided to trade in my chemically-treated-hair for my real hair, many people liked the new change. So do I! I think I look younger, fresher, and sexy. That’s a word I never would’ve used to describe myself, “sexy.” It’s good to see that I’ve grown, that I appreciate myself more. I think it’s very important that we, women, find ourselves sexy. The media shouldn’t define what is sexy. Half the women on Instagram, on the cover of magazines don’t even look like that. They’re airbrushed to the max, […]