My Life in China
My Life in China - Chinese Version
Self-Publishing Journey
grocery shopping

Grocery shopping in China is very interesting, especially if you’re a Black woman with braids. I have been in China for over a year. My first year here, I spent a lot of money on eating in Western restaurants. My tummy had a lot of trouble adjusting to the lack of food safety in China. I am used to it now (somewhat), and don’t have many problems anymore. Last year, we prepared our own food. I sometimes cooked, not always. Grocery shopping was interesting, for I didn’t (and still don’t) […]

My Life in China
natural hair journey

My natural hair journey began in 2016. I’ve been on the natural hair bandwagon for a couple of months now. New to the club, I’m learning all types of things, like crochet, sisterlocks, fake dreads, I love it all. Before my transition, I had short hair for over twelve years. One of my friends told me to change up the hair, I’d had that same hairstyle for over a decade, but I didn’t mind. That hairstyle is timeless. Most people wonder why I decided to go on this natural hair […]

real hair

When I decided to trade in my chemically-treated-hair for my real hair, many people liked the new change. So do I! I think I look younger, fresher, and sexy. That’s a word I never would’ve used to describe myself, “sexy.” It’s good to see that I’ve grown, that I appreciate myself more. I think it’s very important that we, women, find ourselves sexy. The media shouldn’t define what is sexy. Half the women on Instagram, on the cover of magazines don’t even look like that. They’re airbrushed to the max, […]

natural hair

I’ve been chemically treating my hair since the age of twelve. As a graduation present from Mom and Dad, I relaxed my hair at the age of twelve. On my way to Secondary Modern School, I really wanted to belong to “the cool” crowd. What was not cool? Going to “big kids” school with my natural hair, my thick braids. Thanks to both my Grans, I have thick and beautiful hair. Of course I wasn’t proud of it at the time. All of the magazine covers graced with white women with […]

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