My Life in China
My Life in China - Chinese Version
Self-Publishing Journey

Chinese Food and I have not had the best relationship. Our rocky relationship started when I couldn’t pronounce one of the names correctly. Though Chinese language is interesting, it’s also quite a headche with those four tones. I ended up eating the same thing day after day, just because they couldn’t understand what I was saying. Want to know more? You can read about it here. My students invited me to dinner. They wanted me to try something new, it’s called 麻辣香锅. Though Chinese Food and I have had a […]

My Life in China
so long

So long, my dear friend! First the Bella left, now another friend has gone back home. In other news, I’ve also been planning some stuff for September when I come back from vacation. It’s been really hectic. I haven’t had much time to actually sit down to write something. Bad, I know, especially since I’m in the beginning stages of the blogging game. The Bella left in May, now Mauris is gone, too. Mauris was one of my colleagues at the new place I’m teaching English. We met in January […]

My Life in China
Google Chromebook

When I first came to China, I decided to buy a Google Chromebook. For me it was important the computer be fast, to be able to run on batteries for more than eight hours, and to be light. Some of the laptops are so freaking heavy! It was only after I came to China, that I realized how troublesome it really is to use a Chromebook in China. The first three to four months, it was great! Then, all of a sudden, I couldn’t sign on to the Wi-Fi network. […]

My Life in China
singing class

Singing class, singing class! Here we go again! Teaching English in China has been a challenge. I enjoy a good challenge, tho. One of the things that really annoyed me in the beginning, is that sometimes, there are A1 level students together with B1 students. All of them in one class. A1 means they are absolute beginners, there’s level A1 and A2. Then there’s level B, which is kind of like Intermediate. Like the A level, there’s B1 and B2, as well. I think the gap is too big. The […]

My Life in China
fried rice

Fried rice in Chinese is 炒饭. Yeah, I couldn’t say this two years ago. Thai students always know how to find the good restaurants. The restaurants are filthy, but the food is SO GOOD! I guess (when it comes to certain things, wink wink) the dirtier, the better! The first time I came to this restaurant, I didn’t want to touch anything. I was sure I’d need a tetanus shot afterwards. But, two of my ex-classmates invited me to have lunch with them… I didn’t want to insult them by […]

My Life in China
Chinese poetry

Reciting Chinese poetry was this year’s biggest challenge! My first year in China I had to learn Chinese songs. I hated that class. Not because the songs weren’t interesting, oh they were. It had more to do with me not seeing the benefit to learning Chinese songs if I couldn’t understand the language. For our graduation we had to write a graduation essay. I was the only first-year to write a fifteen-page-essay in Chinese. This year we had to recite poetry. If we didn’t do it, we wouldn’t be able to […]

My Life in China
  • birthday pictures

    Golden Olives, the restaurant where I had my birthday dinner

Two post are already dedicated to that marvelous day, but I would love to add one more. On my left (your right) is my 听力(listening comprehension) teacher. She is really funny. I am currently teaching her basic Spanish. She applied for a position at a Chinese Language school in Equador, so she wants to be able to say the basic stuff. I’m not a pro (yet), pero me defiendo, LOL! So I’m pretty confident I can help her. I also like the other teacher very much. For a long time, […]

My Life in China
birthday dinner

The second part of my birthday was great. It was a nice birthday dinner with a few old friends and new acquaintances. Many people showed up, it was so amazing! The first two females on the right are Thidawan and Nattiya. I really like Thidawan very much. She and I almost threw up a couple of weeks ago. We went to a restaurant famous for Guangzhou cuisine. It costs 70 RMB per person, therefore we decided we would get our money’s worth. We really almost threw up, LOL. Good times! […]

My Life in China
second birthday

My second birthday away from home was a lot of fun. Last year I didn’t feel homesick, but this year was different. I missed my parents, my sister, my niece, all of my cousins. It was the first time I felt REALLY alone! I am loner, I like being by myself, I am never bored in my own company. But I really wanted someone here who KNOWS me. Someone who knows my crazy side, my dorky side, my vulnerable side… I still miss my family and friends very much, this […]

My Life in China
Jimei life

My friends and my roommate seeing me off, helping me say goodbye to my Jimei life. I still miss my classmates dearly! I haven’t had much time to sit down and blog about my first year in Jimei. My Jimei life is and was amazing. Allow me to take you back to my last day here. I woke up, went for a walk in my favorite neighborhood. This place is my home away from home. Life in Jimei has been great to me. I met many great friends, learned Chinese, […]

My Life in China