sunday lunch

My roommate is from Thailand. She and I met last year, when we both first came to China. We were in the same class. Her Chinese was far better than mine when we came, so she didn’t have any problem understanding our teachers. For me, that was a totally different story.

sunday lunch
Nattiya aka Tata aka 黄美英. She’s my roommate, classmate, and friend

Not only is she an amazing person, her birthday is April 8, mine is April 9. I thought we would be more alike, but we are as different as night and day. Nattiya is loving, kind, intelligent, positive, just a great human being. I like her more than my roommate from last year. Guess what? She and I had the same birthday! We were so, so, so, so, so different! I couldn’t stand her complaining over every single thing, and her judgmental comments. The entire time we were roommates, I asked my sister: “Am I THAT hard to get along with?” I don’t know, maybe it was God’s way of giving me a taste of my own medicine.

One thing I like about living with Nattiya, is that she is so laidback. She is always cheerful, and a very good sport. I like talking to her about all kinds of stuff, and she respects my privacy. I love that about her and our time together. Come to think of it, I should be able to say at least a few things in Thai before I leave here.

Nattiya is a great cook, so Sunday lunch usually turns into a feast with her.

One Sunday, I woke up to many, many voices coming from our small living room. Nattiya had a few of our friends over. She told me she also invited a Chinese friend of hers for Sunday lunch, and I was more than welcome to join them. I took a quick shower, then joined the party of four. Look at the pictures! The food was too good to place my bar over them, so enjoy!

sunday lunch

This is a Thai delicacy. It’s shrimp with a whole lot of hot sauce on top! The shrimp is placed on top of raw bitter gourd, and in the middle is raw garlic. You have to eat it with the bitter gourd, the garlic, and then add some more hot sauce. I was sweating bullets!

sunday lunch
Papaya salad

My friends told me this is a very famous salad in Thailand. It’s made out of papaya, carrots, onions, and some other ingredients. I guess I should pay more attention when they prepare these delicious meals. Oh, also some peanuts. In China, it’s called 木瓜沙拉 (papaya salad). I had two servings of this!

sunday lunch
Sweet and sour noodles

I don’t really know the name of these noodles, but they are delicious! They have a sweet and sour taste, and she prepared them with meat, some tofu, and some other ingredients. Again, I really need to pay attention when they cook these meals! Maybe I should take a Thai cooking class in Thailand, or something. That sounds like fun!

sunday lunch
Some other salad… don’t know the name

So, as the caption reads, it is another salad… only, I have no idea what the name is. I do know that is equally delicious as the papaya salad. I had a great Sunday with my friends here. Too bad my roommate is better than yours!