solo trip

I have been in China for over two years now. Two years, one month and twelve days, to be exact. For personal reasons, I have stayed in Xiamen for most of that time. Being in a LDR is hard. I am more of a laid-back person, not clingy, not overly emotional. Talking about personal issues is not what this blog is for, but let’s just say… my boyfriend and I are complete opposites. They say that opposites attract, I guess that  much is true, LOL.

There are many things I’ve been journaling about for many, many years… taking a solo trip is one of them.

China is HUGE! SO HUGE! I have been here for a while, and I still haven’t been around the country all that much. It’s really something I plan to change in 2018. For the past month, I have been bugging my students about places I need to see in China. Not just the very popular tourist attractions, but I also want to see some real traditional villages and farms! There’s so much to see and do here!

I have some places in mind for my solo trip. My teachers advised me to take someone with me, but we’ll see.

Though China is relatively safe, my teachers will feel more comfortable if I’m travelling with someone. I recently joined a Bible study group here. No, no, I’m not going to become all holier-than-thou on you, my friends. I’ll always be myself, because I like the ME I’ve come to know these past two years here. Like Ginuwine (my ex-husband), I will always be the Same Ol’ Me. Will I start going to church every Sunday? Probably not, LOL! I discovered early on, I’m not a “church-goer.”

First I planned to take a solo trip through a few cities in Brasil, but it’s not the safest country. BEAUTIFUL, but not that safe for a solo female traveller.

There are so many cool and beautiful places around China I have yet to see! A few of my Chinese friends and my students are helping me with a list. I spoke to a few friends here in China, also Surinamese students living and studying here. Most of them think it’s a good idea. This solo trip might turn into a great bonding trip with some old friends!

When I make my list, I’ll let you know, you can tell me what you think about the places!