second birthday

My second birthday away from home was a lot of fun. Last year I didn’t feel homesick, but this year was different. I missed my parents, my sister, my niece, all of my cousins. It was the first time I felt REALLY alone! I am loner, I like being by myself, I am never bored in my own company. But I really wanted someone here who KNOWS me. Someone who knows my crazy side, my dorky side, my vulnerable side… I still miss my family and friends very much, this year so much more. Maybe it’s a phase. Just hope it passes soon, because I’m not enjoying myself very much at the moment.

I’m not going to lie, these past few weeks have been a bit difficult. Currently I’m in a phase where I’m rethinking some choices I’ve made concerning my future. One thing I like about myself is my optimism. I know it will all work out for the better, and the way it’s supposed to. Am glad that I at least where I’m going. It can only get better from here.

Now onto more joyous things…

My second birthday in China was BETTER than last year’s!

My roommate her birthday is April 8, a day before mine. The funny thing is, we are as different as night and day. We do have some things in common, like we’re both kind, both very emotional, and some other stuff. I always thought people from the same zodiac or born on the same day (more or less), had a lot in common. Maybe it also has to do with her background, how she was raised.

The day before my birthday, I always go out alone.

second birthday
Shisha – Image Source

The day before my big day is always a sacred event. I go out by myself to smoke some shisha and drink a cold Heineken. When the time and mood is right, I love me some Heineken. The hours leading up to my birthday, I think about my life. I evaluate my past, my goals, and rethink some life choices. I’m very happy about where I am right now, and I knew more good things are to come.

This year though, on the eve of my second birthday in China, I spent it with two of my friends.

Like I mentioned before, I was a bit lonely. The Bella is one of the few genuine people I know, so I asked her to join me. We went to a bar not far from school and smoked some shisha. Though I’m not a drinker, I didn’t drink much that night. One or two glasses of really bad Tsingtao beer.

second birthday
The Bella and I, Chiara, smoking some shisha.

My apologies for the bad quality. I realize I need to pay more attention to the pixels and whatnot. When we reached midnight, my sister was the first one to call me. We couldn’t really talk, for music played in the background, but it was good to see a familiar and loving face.

second birthday
Look at me, enjoying my birthday shisha! I am in club 30+ and still looking FOXY, LOL!

Again, my apologies for the quality of the picture. I love my new faux dreads, by the way. Fake hair is so much fun! Can’t wait to switch it up again next month! The next morning, the morning of, my roommate made an AMAZING birthday lunch. Don’t hate me because my roommate is better than yours! <3

second birthday
My Thai friend Ammie!

I woke up to a fantastic lunch! My friend and I both holding up the number 3. In China, I’m 33. Chinese believe that the day one is born, is actually the first year of life. Since I’m in China, I’m celebrating it the Chinese way. I also think it makes sense. So when people ask me my age, I say “33.”

second birthday
With my roommate, Nattiya, and our friend Ammie.

I realize I need to stop with the duck face, LOL! Oh, and the “peace” signs, too. My sister and my cousin have both asked me to stop. But, I just can’t help it! LOL! Everyone here does it, it’s so contagious!

second birthday
Fried Egg

Have let you get a closer look at the delicious Thai food! One of the things that surprised me on my arrival in China, is that egg is eaten with rice here. It’s quite tasty. Now, I have to eat my rice with fried egg or poached egg.

second birthday
Thai curry! YUM!

My roommate knows I LOVE Thai curry! She made it especially for me. It had pineapple in it. YUMMY YMMY IN MY TUMMY!

second birthday
Raw shrimp with bitter melon and a lot of SALSA!

I LOVE this dish! Raw shrimp with bitter melon, garlic, and a whole lotta salsa!!! And I’m talking about spicy salsa! Thai people like some really SPICY food! My roommate prepared me my own plate the day before my birthday. I ate it all!

second birthday
Mince meat, a lot of onion, salsa and liver

I was happily surprised by my roommate! Once again, don’t hate me because my roommate is better than yours! She’s such an amazing person. This also one of my favorites! Cannot get enough of it. Before we go our separate ways, I need to learn how to make all of this food!

second birthday
CHICKEN! I love me some chicken!

All of this is made by my roommate especially for me. I almost cried, I love her so much! My birthday started great because of her. Thankful for these amazing people in my life. It’s a blessing. The second part of my birthday is even better! In conclusion, I am blessed, therefore I’m blessed with many great friends.

Stay tuned for part two!