school trip

School trip number one for this school year. I have no idea what this trip is about, none at all. All I know, is that I have to participate in every single activity this school organizes. Yes, they are (often) boring, but it’s a good opportunity to see China. Plus, these trips are practically free. It takes me back to my first school trip in January 2016. That was a great one!

It was the first week of October. We usually have a week off during that time. Chinese then celebrate a holiday called “National Day.” In Chinese, it is 国庆节. I had no idea what they were celebrating for one week, so I asked some of my Chinese friends. They don’t know either. Some of them said, “… something to do with the founding of The People’s Republic of China,” other said, “… I think it has to do with China’s independence, but I’m not entirely sure. All I know, is that I have eight days off from work .” 

I planned to review schoolwork, but the school organized a school trip to Mount Lu.

I had never heard of it before, so I Googled it. Turns out, it’s one of China’s biggest tourist attractions. There are a couple of things there that I learned about in History Class when I was a kid. Not that I remember much, tho. I forgot everything the moment I answered my last question during exams. After having googled the place, I was pretty excited about the rip. It really is a privilege to walk in places I read about in my childhood history books. Turns out it really wasn’t a school trip, but more a “getting-to-know-about-the-history-of-China” trip. I went with a group of students from our mother univeristy. A couple of months ago, we all participated in some reciting Chinese poetry thingy.

It was a great, but exhausting school trip.

Why was it exhausting? I didn’t get much sleep. If I’m not in my own bed, I don’t sleep very well. It also didn’t help that the hotel rooms weren’t that clean. Oh, and I also had a pig for a roommate. She is a nice person, we had some great conversations. It’s just that she spit everywhere. Next to her bed (right in the room), in the restaurant next to the dining table, in her plate (after she was done eating). Need I tell you how terrible it was? I love her very much, she is AMAZING! But… I never want to be her roommate EVER AGAIN!

I bet you’re wondering why I didn’t change rooms, aren’t ya?

Well, because my roommate was my teacher, that’s why. Before becoming her roomie for four days, I already knew that Chinese spit EVERYWHERE. On the bus, on the train, in restaurants, in cafeterias, right next to you (even if you are eating). Even if there is no room to spit, they will create room to spit.  After this experience, I vowed to NEVER walk anywhere barefoot, only in my room.

school trip
On the train, heading on a school trip to Mount Lu. Yeah, I think I’m badass with my new afro and sunglasses, LOL! Totally feeling myself, LOL!

For the first time, I wasn’t the only Black person in the group. An Angolan student accompanied us. He speaks English and Chinese very well. I just hate that I didn’t film his performance, because the way he recites Chinese poetry, is truly amazing. So much emotion and passion, I love it!

school trip
Pre-school trip photo at North Xiamen Train Station (厦门北站). Pascal and I, my Angolan friend. Because we were the only two Black people on the trip, most people assumed we were either dating or very good friends. LOL! Just another day of being Black in China.

We travelled from our school to our mother University, Huaqiao Univeristy (华侨大学) to pick up some students. Then, we took a bus to the train station. It was about a two-hour-wait before we could board the bullet train to JiangXi. On the map, Jiangxi Province is RIGHT NEXT to Fujian Province, but it took us six hours to get there. By bullet train (high speed train).

school trip
School trip photo before departure. Dind’t know most of the names at that time. I still don’t know their names now, LOL! Wonder WHY I can’t remember names. It really is a problem.

One thing I like about school trips, is that everyone is so happy! We make new friends, learn new things, and have an amazing time together. I was the oldest student there, of course. Most of them are in their early to mid-twenties. 99% of the students were from Thailand, then there were a few Indonesians, one Filipina and one person from Inner Mongolia.

school trip
Me sporting twist on my school trip. I needed to protect my hair, because the air up on the mountain is DRY!

As expected, all the Asians on the trip were amazed by my hair. “OH! Your hair is so unique! Did you braid it yourself? Can you do it for me? Check it out, Phoenix has new cool hairstryle!” LOL! Yes, that’s what happens when you are a Black person in China.

There are many beautiful pics from this trip, so I will share them in my next post.


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