Roommate from hell

“Roommate from hell, roommate from hell! Mayday, mayday, do you copy?” The struggle is real people, it’s real. I have been in China for over a week now. The first few days here were exhausting! I was supposed to spend a few days in Amsterdam. My cousin recently had a baby, and I wanted to meet up with Chiara, the Bella Italiana. There were a few hiccups along the way, and that didn’t work out. I still can’t believe that I need a visa to set foot outside of Schiphol International Airport. Not everyone wants to live there, they need to get over themselves.

A new school year means a new roommate. Sigh of frustration.

She arrived on September 14. My first impression of her was a good one. Smiley, frienldy, that’s what I thought. I’d paid for WiFi installation the day before, so I told her we could use it together. The only thing she had to do, was give me half of the money. When she heard the amount, she said she didn’t need WiFi, for her laptop cannot detect it. Back home, she uses a LAN cable. I told her that we don’t have LAN cables here in this building. But she insisted, and I didn’t push her. I’d already given her the password. Changing it didn’t come to mind, though I didn’t believe her story.

I had no idea someone could be so greedy. My new roommmate gives a whole new meaning to the word.

That WiFi thing didn’t bother me, until I noticed she lied to me. How did I find that out? Well, I told her I planned to buy a refrigerator. I asked her if she wanted to buy it together, so we split the costs. When I told her the price, she immediately said she didn’t need it. Her exact words were: “My money isn’t much, so I need to be saving money.” I frowned. At that moment, I couldn’t help but think: “This girl is lying! I KNOW she receives 2000 Renminbi from her government every month!” 

Wanting to know more about her situation, I started asking questions about her life back home. I have no idea what her background is, if she supports others with her salary or not. If I had more info about her, I could decide if I’d let her use my stuff or not, free of charge.

Roommate from hell, the penny pincher

Me: “Don’t you receive money from your government every month?”
Her: “Yes, but it’s not enough.”
Me: “Don’t you reveice 2000 renminbi?”
Her: *Stuttering* “Yes, but I want to save my money.”

Then I started noticing little things. She’d take my stuff without asking. For example, she just took one of my slippers without asking. I told her that she needs to ask before using something she didn’t buy. She then said that she assumed that she could take my slippers, because I already had slippers. I, again, told her she should ask first. Then I saw her place her shoes on my shoe rack. I removed them, a few hours later, they were back. I’d had about enough of her. “They sell them in the student street, they’re not that expensive. Please don’t put your shoes there anymore. Thanks.” She then said that she doesn’t need a shoe rack, she’ll just place her shoes by the window. Whatever. As long as she doesn’t use my stuff.

I realized she just wants to use my stuff, but spend no money of her own.

Can’t take it anymore, so I told her she needs to buy her own stuff. I can share my stuff with someone, no problem. Especially if that person is going through financial hardships. Mr. Hard Times knocks on everyone’s door. But I can’t stand it if someone is just downright greedy, doesn’t want to spend their own money. They just to benefit off of others. NOPE!

Sigh. It might be a very long year for me.