FYI: R10 is a nickname for Ronaldinho. I had to differentiate between part one of the blog and this one, so I will refer to Ronaldinho as R10 here.

I returned to his hotel the next day. Same old story again. Sat in the lobby for almost two hours. To prevent myself from getting kicked out, I ordered a cup of tea. I paid 60 Renminbi for that tea. Before I left for his hotel, I told Maycon to keep his phone nearby, because I’m getting that picture with R10. Paying for that cup of tea made me even more determined. Bored out of my mind and super impatient, I knew I had to get up to his floor. If the Mohammed won’t go to the mountain, you bring the mountain to Mohammed.

There was just one problem: how in the world would I get up to his floor? I had to think quick, because I had a feeling R10 might leave the hotel soon. I had a man on the inside, remember? LOL. Sitting on that sofa, looking at the most expensive cup of tea I’ve ever paid for, I said to myself:

 “Sanrizz, listen. You’ve wasted at least four hours of your life waiting for this man to show up. That’s four hours of your life you’re never getting back. Those four hours could’ve been spent differently. You need to get your ass off this comfortable chair and up to his floor. Do you think the Chinese will give a shit if some foreign girl sneaks up to a foreign star his floor? No they won’t care, because they have other things to worry about! Now get moving, because you’re not leaving this hotel without that picture!”

I scanned the faces of the people in the lobby. BINGO! I spotted someone I knew would help me with my little adventure. R10, here I come!

I walked up to him, flashed my brightest smile and said: “Good afternoon, sir. Are you by any chance Brazilian?”
Him: “No, I’m from Miami.”
Me: “Would you be willing to do me a favor?”
Him: “It depends on the favor.”
Me: “So, the thing is, I’m here for that soccer player. I got here really early, I need to get back home, my health is really bad… so, will you help me get to his floor?”
Him: “Do you know which floor he’s on?”
Me: “Yes, I do.”
Him: “OK. Do you wanna go right now?”
Me: “Yes, please.”

One step closer to leaving here with that picture. I don’t know how, but I’m getting that picture!

The entire way to the elevator, I prayed the hotel employees didn’t recognize me. I didn’t want to hear, “Ma’am, you’re not a guest here. Please step out of the elevator.” Thank God that didn’t happen. When we got to the floor he was on, I thought the coast was clear. Nope. There was a young woman there. I asked her if I could go in, she told me no. Damn it! I didn’t want to go back downstairs, so I asked if it would be OK to wait for my friend. My friend was R10 his interpreter. She agreed.

Happy she didn’t send me downstairs or called security on me, I smiled at her and relaxed against the elevator wall. A few seconds later, a colleague of her walked out. We smiled at one another, but she looked at me as if she was thinking about something. All of a sudden I saw a flash of recognition in her eyes. She said to me:

Girl: “Weren’t you here yesterday?”
Me: (WOW! She recognized me! Sanrizz, you are OFFICIALLY a STALKERRRR) I said, “No, no, that wasn’t me.”
Girl: “Hmm.”

I thought to myself, “I know she doesn’t believe me, but I could care less. I’m here for that picture! Four hours of waiting, girl, four hours!”

Before I knew what was happening, the tallest guy EVER walked by me. He shot me a “who-are-you-and-how-in-the-world-did-you-get-up-here” look. I avoided eye-contact, because I thought he might have the power to kick me out of the hotel. Believe me, I was a little scared that would happen, but I had to get that pictures. FOUR HOURS OF WAITING! I better see Ronaldinho! Less than two seconds later, guess who is standing in front of me? THE MAN HIMSELF!!! Ronaldo de Assis Moreira aka Ronaldinho (R10).

He stopped in his tracks when he saw me, because I wasn’t supposed to be there. The same “how-did-you-get-here” look on his face, but he quickly regained his composure and passed me. Instead of addressing him in Portuguese, I said, “你好” (Hello). Scolding myself that the man doesn’t understand Chinese, I quickly asked him if we could take a picture. When he heard me speak his language, he seemed surprised. He agreed to take the picture with me, I couldn’t conceal my excitement! I think I jumped up and down while unlocking my phone.

He is so tall! They say TV puts extra pounds on you, but I think it shrink people. That man is TALL! Or maybe it’s because I’m short, could be. I had no idea how short I was, until he had to bend down to take the picture with me. The only thing going through my mind was, “YESS!!  I GOT IT! I SAID I WOULD, AND I GOT IT!”  We took two pictures, because the first one was super duper ugly.

The UGLIEST picture ever taken!

Can you see how happy I am in the picture? I know it’s blurry and ugly, I don’t care. So freaking happy that I’m showing all my teeth, LOL! He was in a hurry, I didn’t want to get kicked out of the hotel, so this is better than nothing. Pretty sure the ugliness of the picture surprised him as well, because he looked at the picture, then looked at me! It was so funny! I laughed and said, “Another one.” We posed for another, that one is crooked, but hey… raise your hand if you have a picture with Ronaldinho, LOL!

This picture is better, but soooo crooked! Oh well, do YOU have a pic with him, even a crooked on? LOL!

He asked me where I was from, I told him Suriname. It went really fast, but those were some of the best five minutes spent in China. I know nothing about soccer, but I knew the people that do know, will be happy for me. No they’re not, most of them “hate” me, LOL!

That day was also a great day, because that’s when I met one of the most amazing persons in this world. She and I are great friends now. Very grateful to have someone like her in my life. Want to know who I’m talking about? Click here.


Much LOVE to you all!