Parents are our gift from God. OK, not everyone is so lucky to have great parents. I watch too many Investigation Discovery series to know this is true. Those of us with great parents, or who had great parents, get down on your knees and thank that Man this instant! I mean, RIGHT NOW! Are you doing it? On a sidenote, aren’t the two girls in the picture cute? Aw! Childhood friendships are the best!

So, allow me to tell you what this blog is about. It’s an essay I had to write for my Chinese Writing Class. If you understand Chinese and are interested in reading that version, click here. We had to write about friendship or about a good friend. I’ve been through a couple of sketchy things with people I called my friends, so I really took my time to think about the meaning of this word. What DOES “friend” mean to me?

I was supposed to write about that in six hundred words (Chinese characters), but I wrote twice (or triple) that amount. My teacher said my words touched her so much. She loved reading my thoughts and personal experiences. It was too long, or else she would have asked me to read it to my classmates. She did, however, take some of my words and highlighted them in a PPT. WHO’S BAD? *dancing to Michael Jackson’s BAD*

If you ask me, throughout one’s life, the word “friend” will be very important. If we look up this word in one of the world’s most famous dictionaries – Merriam Webster – we will see many meanings attributed to this word.

  1. one attached to another by affection or esteem;
  2. one that is not hostile;
  3. a favored companion.

I agree with the above, but I think they forgot the most important things that makes a good friend. What are they? Loyalty, reliability, the ability to be one’s true self & still be loved unconditionallyy by your friends. You can’t choose your family, but you CAN choose your friends. All the more reason to choose your friends carefully.

I used to think, the more friends I had, the better life would be. We are people, people are (very) flawed. Surely our friends will disappoint us in one way or another, that’s the way life is. If I’m wrong, then maybe you are lucky enough to be living in a little place I call “Rainbow Land.” There, there are many ponies, Peter Pan-ish people, magicians, you name it. You might even run into Harry Potter. Maybe the two of you could fly on your brooms to a far off place. Wouldn’t that be grand?

Maybe you think my outlook on life a bit grim, but I’m telling you my life’s experiences here. In life, we have expectations of everything and everyone around us. These expectations are both spoken and unspoken. What I’ve learned, is that having expectations is a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing. Sometimes our expectations can lead to disappointment, leaving us sad and bitter. But no worries, because after rain comes sunshine!

When we make friends, we take the importance of our parents for granted.

We often take our parents for granted. They’re often not the first persons to come in mind when we think of “(best) friend.” Well, it wasn’t the case for me. I only thought of them as “Mom” and “Dad” (or personal ATM, LOL!). But really, our parents are our first friends and our best friends! This is something I learned later on in life. All of the characteristics we search for in our friends, our Mom and Dad possess all of them.

When the people we call(ed) our friends disappoint us, don’t despair! They are human, with their own problems to deal with. We learn who our real friends are when we have problems. Some will run away faster than Usain Bolt, I assure you. But that’s OK. It’s good to know who people are and in which category to place them.

Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive! Image Source

When I need advice, support or just a good old bear hug, I turn to my parents (especially my Dad for the bear hug!). They have never let me down. Throughout my life, my parents have always been by my side. I didn’t always think this was the case, believe me! But now I am an adult, I would like to have have my own children one day. It made me realize just how important my parents really are.

My parents are my irreplaceable best friends!

They really are irreplaceable, we only get one Mom and one Dad. If we are lucky enough, we get exceptional parents.With me, that’s the case. After thinking about it for a few minutes, I realized why my Mom and Dad are my best friends.

  1. When we are toddlers and learning to walk, our parents are always by our side to catch us when we fall. Sometimes they even prevent the fall. That’s how much they love us. Although I’m not a baby anymore, I know they always will be there to catch me when I fall. When I do fall, they will also be by my side to help me back up again.
  2. They have taught us many important things, handed down a lot of life’s wisdom. Love, patience, hard work, perseverance, helping people in need, self-love, to enjoy every single moment of one’s life, that’s what my parents have taught me. I do have to admit… the most important thing my parents have taught me, is kindheartedness.
  3. Since I’m on the other side of the world, whenever I feel lonely, I just think of how much my parents love me. Then I realize, this feeling is temporary, and this too shall pass.
  4. Mom & Dad are my biggest cheerleaders. Especially my Dad, LOL! I had many a moments where I had no freaking idea what I wanted to do with myself. It’s very frustrating. My parents were the only ones patient enough to help me figure this out the best they could.
  5. Home is where the heart is. My parents are my heart. Though I am in China, they are near, for my heart is here with me.

My parents have always put my needs first. I didn’t always think this was the case, I have to keep it real. But, in their own way, I know they did the best they could. Their best was more than good enough. From the bottom of my heart, I thank my parents for reminding me each and every day, that there are two people who will love me unconditionally for the rest of their lives.

WOW! That was A LOT! My teacher was so moved by my words, she kept praising me in class. She said I’m one of her best writers. Ooooh-la-la, the “I-gotta-wear-shades” of it all.  The teacher loves that I’m not afraid to speak my mind, to share my emotions. This makes the reader think about certain things in their own life. AW! I feel like I should walk on toilet paper now, because I’m the shiznit! LOL! NAH! I’m just playing (a little).