Welcome! My name is Tiara Ray. Some call me "Crazy," others say I'm "Humorous." I'm just Me.

Everyone is given the same 24 hours in one day, but no one's 24 hours are identical. Mine are spent in a beautiful city on the other side of the world.

Life is what you make it. In 2015 I decided to treat every new day as an adventure, an opportunity to create beautiful memories. I moved to Xiamen, a beautiful city in China's southern Fujian Province. Learning new things are like air for me: if I'm not learning something new, I feel like I'm suffocating. I would love to hear from you, so don't be shy.

Always smile and remember to not sweat the small stuff... because it's all small stuff. Xx!
Chinese name

How I got my Chinese name is an interesting story. Before I tell you about that, let me tell you about my real name. It is not the easiest to pronounce. Mom and Dad named me “Sanrizz.” This name caused a lot of problems for me during my school years. People called me everything from “Sandrine” to “Zanderij,” I’ve heard it all. I don’t know what it means, neither do my parents. Mom’s favorite brother begged her to give me the name. The original idea was to name me “Tiara,” […]

My Life in China

Before my move to China, Beijing was the place I wanted to live. Extensive research on InterNations is the reason I was convinced there was THE place to be. Since I was changing my world completely, moving from one end of the world to the other, why not do it well? BLCU still is the school of my choice, that hasn’t changed… but… I don’t want to live there anymore! Why is that? Well, winters in Beijing are the worst! Upon my arrival in China, word reached us we would be travelling […]

My Life in China
lessons learned

“Lessons learned”… these are two words not everyone keeps in mind in their lifetime. Each day I become more aware of the fact that everyone learns, but some choose to ignore the lesson. We all make decisions based off of what we think is good for us. Moving to China and learning Chinese is a dream come true. Some of the most important lessons I learned were in China. They are things I already know, things I had already experienced earlier in life, but the lessons didn’t stick. As long as we don’t learn out of our experiences, […]

My Life in China
black china

Moving to China has been on my bucket list since the age of nineteen. I remember driving my Dad crazy, constantly talking about moving to China. Though dormant for a couple of years, this desire soon awakened again when I taught English to two Chinese young men living in Suriname. One of them grew up here, went to school here for eight years, so he understood some Dutch. Thank heavens, because our hour-long-classes sometimes seemed like three hours. The one born here acted as my Interpreter. I have to say, […]

My Life in China
a new door tiara ray

I know I have been MIA for almost two months. My job as a Freelance Interpreter left little time for me to write. Literally. I haven’t written in my journal for a couple of weeks as well. Anyway, I wrote about looking for a good book cover designer in May. I received a lot of help from a lot of people, and I thank you all for that. I made my choice and decided to go with Deranged Doctor Design. I am very happy with the end result. I have […]



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book cover

I’ve been working on my debut novel since forever, and now it’s really time to wrap it up. The past couple of days, I have been reading an ARC by author Willow A. Renner. My feedback on her project is a week overdue, but I will mail it tonight. I just hope she forgives me for mailing it this late. I’ve been rather busy the past couple of weeks. Now that I’ve give myself until the last week of May to finish my novel, I started to think about the […]