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Everyone is given the same 24 hours in one day, but we all choose to spend it differently. I chose to spend some time on the other side of the world, experiencing new things.

I am grateful for the many experiences, the many great people I've met. Take a look into my life. Well, some part of it. Enjoy!

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I know I have been MIA for almost two months. My job as a Freelance Interpreter left little time for me to write. Literally. I haven’t written in my journal for a couple of weeks as well. Anyway, I wrote about looking for a good book cover designer in May. I received a lot of help from a lot of people, and I thank you all for that. I made my choice and decided to go with Deranged Doctor Design. I am very happy with the end result. I have […]



12 May 2015 0 Comments

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I’ve been working on my debut novel since forever, and now it’s really time to wrap it up. The past couple of days, I have been reading an ARC by author Willow A. Renner. My feedback on her project is a week overdue, but I will mail it tonight. I just hope she forgives me for mailing it this late. I’ve been rather busy the past couple of weeks. Now that I’ve give myself until the last week of May to finish my novel, I started to think about the […]