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Everyone is given the same 24 hours in one day, but we all choose to spend it differently. I chose to spend some time on the other side of the world, experiencing new things.

I am grateful for the many experiences, the many great people I've met. Take a look into my life. Well, some part of it. Enjoy!

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PMS binge eating

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) refers to physical and emotional symptoms that occur in the one to two weeks before a woman’s period. Symptoms often vary between women and resolve around the start of bleeding. Common symptoms include acne, tender breasts, bloating, feeling tired, irritability, and mood changes. Often symptoms are present for around six days. – Source: Wikipedia PMS is very real, people. Mine is different every single month. Some months I smell like wet dog, then I have to change deodorant. I always buy two types of deodorant, just in […]

My Life in China
Guangzhou cuisine

Guangzhou cuisine! Time for some food! I have the afternoon off every Friday, so my friends and I decided to go to a restaurant. The good thing about China, is the opportunity to try different types of food. The bad thing, is the lack in good quality food. I have written about my trouble adjusting to the food here, that’s no secret. But, since a couple of weeks, I have come to love street food a lot! My roommate loves food, so she suggested we try this new restaurant. I […]

My Life in China
writing romance

I often thought it would be easy to write the perfect romance. And why not? I’m a woman, the majority of romance novel readers are women, of course I can do it! I mean, I know what women want to read, right? WRONG! I’ve been walking around with the idea of becoming a published author, for many years now. It all started when I was still in high school, and very obsessed with the boy-band B2K. MSN was very popular at the time, so there were many groups dedicated to […]

Self-Publishing JourneyWriting
grocery shopping

Grocery shopping in China is very interesting, especially if you’re a Black woman with braids. I have been in China for over a year. My first year here, I spent a lot of money on eating in Western restaurants. My tummy had a lot of trouble adjusting to the lack of food safety in China. I am used to it now (somewhat), and don’t have many problems anymore. Last year, we prepared our own food. I sometimes cooked, not always. Grocery shopping was interesting, for I didn’t (and still don’t) […]

My Life in China
sunday lunch

My roommate is from Thailand. She and I met last year, when we both first came to China. We were in the same class. Her Chinese was far better than mine when we came, so she didn’t have any problem understanding our teachers. For me, that was a totally different story. Not only is she an amazing person, her birthday is April 8, mine is April 9. I thought we would be more alike, but we are as different as night and day. Nattiya is loving, kind, intelligent, positive, just […]

My Life in China
dating myself

The most fun I had dating, was when I started dating myself. Every single week, I look forward to Date Night! There was a time I wouldn’t be caught dead having dinner alone. I always thought people who dined by themselves were sad. The first thing that crossed my mind was, “Don’t they have any friends to have dinner with? Poor soul.” Have no idea why, but people eating or drinking alone, always gives me the idea they are lonely. Now that I am in a different phase in life, […]

girl bonding

“Girl bonding” is very important. We all need girlfriends we talk to about “girl stuff,” which is everything from penis size, a mean girl from school who’s now a fat cow, to talking about getting a promotion at work. A few days ago, my roommate invited me to the movies. Beauty and the Beast had been playing for a few days, so she bought three tickets. One ticket for herself, one for our classmate, 李丽婷 (Li LiTing), and one for me. I love the cartoon, so why not go see the […]

My Life in China

Learning Chinese has been very interesting so far. The funniest thing, is that there are so many synonyms for one word, but they (sometimes) cannot be used interchangeably. That’s what’s a bit of a head scratcher from time to time, but it keeps things interesting. Let me tell you about some funny blunders I made learning Chinese. 筷子VS 快子 When I first arrived in China, I said to myself, “Girl, you’re in China now. You have to eat like Chinese, go out and get yourself some chopsticks.” A quick Chinese lesson […]

My Life in China
Chinese Christmas

Chinese Christmas… What’s there to say? First, Chinese people don’t believe in Christmas, it’s not an important day here, not even a holiday. The younger generation does (kind of) celebrate it, because of the exposure to Western culture. Most Chinese I’ve met, think everything “American” is cool. So, most things, mannerisms, what-have-you, are copied to a fault. My first Chinese Christmas sucked ass. Really sucked ass. It was my first Christmas (EVER!) not being in my country. It wasn’t the first I hadn’t celebrated with the family, but I was […]

My Life in China
busy bee

BUSY BEE! That’s ME! The second semester started three weeks ago. I’ve been very busy doing homework, writing my daily dose of my experiences in China (in Chinese), polishing one of my novels, and preparing to take the HSK 5 exam a month from now. I’ve been pretty busy. Now that I can express myself better in Chinese, my vocabulary is up to 6,000 words now, I’ve been rewriting the stories I wrote last year. The story in the picture below hasn’t been corrected by my teacher yet, so it’s […]