new year's resolutions

New year’s resolutions… I make them every year, but unfortunately, I don’t end up keeping all of them. The most important new year’s resolution for 2017, is taking the HSK  (汉语水平考试) level 5 exam. In order to fulfill one of the resolutions that makes it onto the list every year, I need to pass this important exam.

More than two weeks into the new year, and this my first blog post. Happy new year to you all! Any new year’s resolutions (y’all plan on not keeping)? Usually when the new year begins, I pray with my loved ones and write down a bunch of resolutions I never ever keep. The top five new year’s resolutions I usually never keep:

  1. Join a gym. I am not fat (Thanks, Mommy!❤), but I do notice that my body is changing. Gravity is starting to take its toll on some body parts.
  2. Publish my novels. Anyone else who can relate? Finishing and polishing a manuscript is much more work than I thought. Finding the right people to assist in this process, is also essential and very difficult.
  3. Write in my journals every day. I write maybe three times a week, if I’m in the mood.
  4. Watch less reality TV. Damn you, Mona Scott-Young for creating the Love & Hip Hop franchise.
  5. Start taking yoga/meditation classes.
new year's resolutions
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These five are added to the list every year. Well, crossed out with little comments written next to them. Some of them have materialized, others still haven’t. Oh, that’s a lie! I did keep one major resolution I made in 2015: MOVE TO CHINA TO LEARN CHINESE. This is something that has changed my entire life! “Move to China to learn Chinese” has been a new year’s resolution for almost eight years! Though it was something I really wanted, I was also very much afraid to make such a drastic change.

I was used to seeing my parents, sister, niece, and other close relatives, on a daily basis. Exchanging my (kind of) predictable life for an adventure on the other side of the world was SCARY! Thankfully I come from a line of brave, strong, independent and intelligent women. I swallowed my fears, got off my ass and did it! Hooray!

How did 2017 start for me? Well, I found myself ringing in the new year with a group of friends. I realized that I am no longer in my “Rumspringa” phase, and had a difficult time enjoying the celebrations. I genuinely felt alone, but I was surrounded by so many people. Everyone was drunk and on the prowl for their next hookup.

My friends were not drunk, but with their “special someone” in tow, so I really missed mine. It was that time that I realized I’d much rather ring in the new year with loved ones and good friends. Preferably a nice dinner, some good music, and lots of booze, for some of my friends like a drink (or ten, LOL). That will be fantastic! The entire time I was out, I thought to myself “Jeez, how I wish I were at home to watch re-runs of FRIENDS… or SNATCH… or Tropa do Elite.”

I bet you want to know what my new year’s resolutions are, right?

I tried to keep them realistic this year. This concerns me joining a gym. As long as I don’t have someone to drag my behind out the door, I will not join a gym. For me, when I think of the word “gym,” it isn’t necessarily the equivalent of “LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN!” (sigh). To me, the word “gym” means a lot of boring exercises I don’t want to do, a lot of pain, and someone breathing down my neck like I’m in the army. So, I thought of something I really like to do that must involve sweating, a lot of body movement, and it should make me happy. Since my boyfriend is not in China, “acrobatic-ish type sex” isn’t an option. What’s the next best thing? Zumba class! I LOVE dancing, so this is great!

So, allow me to present you with my new year’s resolutions, all specific, measurable, attainable, realistic & tangible.

  1. Take the HSK 5 (汉语水平考试) exam in May 2017.
  2. Finish my first memoir about my experiences in China… In Chinese. Hand it over to my teachers the last week of class, which is the last week of May 2017.
  3. Take up Zumba (already started).
  4. Learn Calligraphy starting February 2017.

Taking the HSK level 5 exam is TOP PRIORITY for me this year. It will be a lot of work, for I am not at level 4, but I will get through it, I always do.

Let me know some of the new year’s resolutions you (never keep) plan to keep in 2017!