“PIG!” This is a name I would gladly call some men. Seriously. As a woman, I’ve had to deal with pigs practically my whole life. We all know that one “uncle,” who really isn’t a blood relative, just a good friend of the family. He’s been an unofficial member of the family since you were in diapers. Maybe he even fed you a bottle, once or twice. Then suddenly when you grow up, you hit puberty and you’re slowly turning into a curvy woman, “uncle” suddenly becomes a PIG!

Some stuff has happened, it’s a bit perturbing. It just reinforces my POV: some men really deserve to be called PIG!

Now, this is a rant, my thoughts might be all over the place. Please forgive me for that. But recent events have me questioning just what the hell some men are thinking. Why do some men Harvey Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg think it’s OK to abuse their position for sexual favors? It really irritates me that some men think it’s OK to look at a woman, openly lust after her, and to make unwanted advances. It’s OK to look, I do, too. But there’s a fine line between admiring and just plain PIGGISHNESS! (Is that a word? HIHI).

Some men think they can just touch your assests, just like that.

I’ve met many pigs who think it’s alright to just touch you wherever. It isn’t, PIG! And also, what I noticed (especially in my country), when a male colleague tells you, “Your boobs look good in that top,” it’s supposed to be a compliment. Sexual harassment is very real and it’s NOT a compliment!

If you’re reading this and you’re a woman, you know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there. When these unwanted “compliments” are made, we have to smile and say “Stop it,” or “Whatever,” followed by a brainless Barbie-ish giggle. As if we liked it and asked for it. If we don’t accept these “compliments,” we’re “dull prudes who probably needs a big, stiff D!” Well PIG, sadly for you, the only thing I like small on my man, is… *thinking*… NOTHING! En DAT is het verschil! Bye Felicia! Some men REALLY PISS ME OFF! If I have a son, I will raise him to not be a self-entitled PIG!

Which brings me to one other thing… Men and women cannot be friends without benefits.

I used to think this was possible, that men and women can be JUST friends. Really. My boyfriend kept telling me that men really aren’t JUST friends with women. They’ll be your friend, but they’ll always be looking for a “way in.” By that, he means a way into your vagina. If you don’t give them that opportunity, they will take it create it.  You will always be on their bucket list titled, “Girls I Still Need To Feel Up/HIT IT AND QUIT IT to stroke my fragile self-entitled male ego.”

And you know what angers me even more? When a woman is sexually harassed by a man, people always question the woman first. “Why were you alone with him?”, “How much did you have to drink?” , “Why were you dressed like that?” All these humiliating questions! As if we ASKED to get harassed! Women always need to prove they’re “innocent.” I freaking hate this!

To all you pigs out there, I’m holding up a finger right now. Guess which one it is… PIG!