Lu Shan

Lu Shan truly is a lovely place! I love nature, so I really enjoyed myself. Aside from a few disgusting things that happened during that trip, it truly was amazing. Being here in China is a gift from God. These are experiences and memories no one can take away from me. My time in China will be cherished, and missed, when I finally leave this country.

Lu Shan is beautiful. If you want to get away from the hectic city life, I suggest you go there.

I love technology. Have to admit, I’m not one who HAS to have the latest phone, latest computer, what-have-you. The most important things a phone has to do for me, is make/receive calls, send/receive text messages, take pictures, use WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook and Instagram. Oh, and I also should be able to check my mail. That’s about it. I’m not interested at all in the lastest I-phone or Samsung, or latest anything. Guess I’m kind of old fashioned that way. What I like about technology, is the way it can make our lives easier. We have so many ways to keep in touch with loved ones, truly amazing. Some of us can even work from home! MAGNIFICENT!

School trips are a great way to meet new people. My trip to Lu Shan allowed me to add more people to my “acquaintances list”.

The most interesting person on the trip, was Natalie. That’s not her name, she was born a male. She’s Thai, and feels that she is a woman, therefore… Natalie. The first day I saw her, I thought to myself, “Is that boy wearing lipstick? REALLY?” Not that I haven’t seen this before, it’s just that it surprised me how comfortable he was using lipstick around conservative Chinese people. He felt absolutely comfortable being different, and I admire that. If you call her by her Thai (male) name, she won’t look at you. It’s like you’re wearing Harry Potter’s invisibility cloack. Call her “Natalie,” you’ll hear the sweetest, “Yes?” followed by a smile, LOL! In case you were wondering, I don’t have any pictures of her.

Lu Shan
Lu Shan’s flower garden. I was a little tired of walking, so I just sat close to the entrance, taking a few pictures.

When I first arrived to China, I met some amazing people. My amiga (a male friend I turned into my girlfriend to talk about my probllems, LOL), is an excellent photographer. I admire his talent a lot. Thanks to him (studying his style), I have to say that I have improved a lot. Amiga, THANK YOU! Now it’s time for me to find my own style!

I can’t stress it enought… if you really love and appreciate nature, visit Lu Shan. Just pick a time most Chinese are sill at work. Imagine thousands of people on a mountain… *yikes*

Lu Shan
A beautiful tree in the Lu Shan flower garden.

I sat in the garden, admiring the scenery. Especially this tree. Don’t know what it is, but the tree just kept saying to me, “Take a photo! Photgraph me! I photograph well! I’m so pretty, take my picture!” And I did.

Lu Shan
A beautiful lake in Lu Shan. I didn’t want to go back to hotel.

I love to swim, so you can imagine how much I wanted to jump into the water. Only… I have an active imagination, and that water looks like it could harbor the Chinese Lochness monster. Though I wanted to jump in, I was more than satisfied to admire the view from the bridge I was standing on.

Lu Shan
Lu Shan – I have NO IDEA HOW HIGH UP we were, but we were HIGH! Well, not on weed, LOL! But high up in the sky! Really, really really high!

It takes about two hours to drive up the mountain, then we had to climb some more to get to different mountains. I’m working on getting in shape, I realized I really need to do something about my lack of physical exercise. Before the year 2017 is through, I plan to keep this new year resolution: to get into shape.

Lu Shan
Lu Shan – Picture take from the bus, on our way to the cable cars!!!!

Now, the cable cars weren’t exactly what I had expected. It ws more like a train on a mountain, such a snoozefest. But, it was OK. I really wanted to go into those cable cars where you dangle in the air! Sadly, we weren’t allowed to go off by ourselves, otherwise I would have gone. We had to stay in groups.

Lu Shan
Lu Shan – Sitting on the edge of a cliff with Pascal. 

Pascal is a nice young man. He tries to hit on every single girl he sees, but he’s still a nice guy. LOL! I asked him why he flirts with everything that moves, he just smiled. We had a great time together, getting to know one another better, making jokes, and practicing our Chinese. His vocabulary is more extensive than mine, but my pronunciation and grammar usage is BETTER! He was unaware of this, but I was in competition with him the entire time, LOL! Friendly competition, tho.

Lu Shan
Lu Shan – Group Photo. In case you are looking for me, I am in the back.

Amazing school trip to Lu Shan! To many more trips like this, only with a different roommate.