Looking back at my first year in China, is amazing. I have learned so much, grown so much, and also met a lot of amazing people. Some will be my friends for life! Before I continue, I need to apologize for the quality of the pictures. They were taken with great camera’s, but somehow, they look pretty crappy here.

looking back
The ladies of my class! Class of 2015-2016 was the best class EVER! Me, Ming Yue, Sassima, Gig, Jib, Jay, Tomp, Micky, Golff. (below) Nattiya, Nat, Noon, Punnada and Kwan Kwan.

One thing these ladies love, is taking a good picture. All of them ready to pose for the camera. I guess it’s an Asian thing, because Chinese take selfies all day, the whole day. My first month in China was a disaster! There were times I seriously thought about returning home. Thank God I didn’t, because I would’ve missed out on getting to know these amazing women!

I never thought I would meet so many great people, who would make such an impact on my existence. Life really is full of surprises! Thankful I’ve encountered more of the pleasant surprises. Words cannot express how welcome, accepted, and happy these people have made me. At a time when I felt alone, they opened their arms and their hearts to me.

looking back
Birthday lunch with my classmates. It was Sassima’s birthday! I can be seen in the back, far right, but I was too busy choosing what to stuff my face with next.

Though this year’s classmates have their own charm, I can’t help but miss my old classmates. They were more caring and more inviting.

looking back
The men of Class 3! Aren’t they handsome? I miss all of them! Dia, Ae Kung, Echo, Emerson, Jo and Pi Ko

Emerson was actually the first friend I made in class. Among all of the classmates, he and Echo were the only ones who spoke English! Since I’d tried communicating with other classmates in English (to no avail), I was so happy when those two could speak the language! SCORE! Emerson soon became my amiga, meaning, I made him into my girlfriend. Sometimes I talked his ear off about “girl problems.” He’s a guy, so he couldn’t always relate, but he tried his best, LOL!

looking back
My friend Fon and I. Fon is from Thailaind. Here we are at the Opening Ceremony of the 2015-2016 Government Class

Fon is the first person to really befriend me here. Of course there was Nelsen, but she really spent time with me when he couldn’t. We had many, many meetings, I didn’t understand anything of what was said. No one spoke English, I didn’t understand Chinese. Luckily, Fon her English was well enough to be my interpreter. I still had my real hair there, no braids. Sometimes I miss it. But, have to let my hair rest.

looking back
Ming Yue and I. Sometimes I miss my real hair. *boo-hoo*

My classmates knew of all the great places to go! I miss that a lot! Now I have to find things out on my own. Having friends like them, really made me lazy. This woman is so amazing! I have come to respect her very much, and I am very proud to call her my friend. She and I had many lunches together, I always looked forward to them. I miss her dearly, but will see her again soon!

Looking back is inevitable, for my friends have left such an unforgettable impression on me.

looking back
Singing Class. me, Emerson on guitar, Pi Ko, and Micky. Sorry for the quality of this pic, I know it’s bad.

One thing I didn’t like about the first year, was music/singing class. They taught us old Chinese songs, some good, some bad. I skipped most of those classes, enough to still be able to take the exams. Everyone should be this blessed in life to be gather the courage to follow their dreams and meet true friends!

looking back
Nattiya and I. We were classmates last year, this year we’re roommates and classmates

I am thankful for 2016, for all the good and the bad experiences. Oh yes, there were crappy experiences. But I’m a strong person with a strong personality: people don’t faze me for long. If someone is toxic, I give that person chances to show me a different side of themselves. But, if they’re intend on being a douchebag, then I have no problem cutting those people from my life. It’s always good to take out the trash.