HOMEMy Life in China

My Life in China

I’ve always been adventurous at heart. I think I got that from my Mom, for my Dad isn’t really one to go out of his “Comfort Zone.” My adventurous spirit has always made me crave much more than my beautiful, but very small, country has to offer. Everyone knows everyone, or knows someone who knows someone who knows someone, who knows you. I was tired of not doing what I wanted to do in life, so I up and left for China for a year. The year came and went, and guess what? I’m going back this year! My first year in China has taught me a lot about myself, but also confirmed some stuff I already knew about human nature.

my life in China

With one of my good friends, 王明月. She’s from Thailand.

I was all alone in a foreign country. The language and culture unknown, so you can imagine the discomfort I felt. Luckily I’m a person who easily adapts to one’s surroundings and circumstances, so I quickly made friends. I met so many amazing people who showed me so much kindness. So many great friendships formed, so many great memories made. All of them have a special place in my heart. I am a “loner,”  I love my own company. But, I really needed friends and they were ready to accept me.

Being alone in China, away from everything familiar, allowed me to reconnect with myself.

I trust myself more than ever. My intuition is my biggest asset. Words cannot express my gratitude for the great people I met. Those great people are now my friends. We don’t talk every day like we used to, but they are always in my heart!


My Classmates – 三班同班同学 2015 – 2016 年