last day

My last day in China for 2017! Well, for this school year. Will be back on September 18. This time around, I will pay more attention to my flight dates. Last time around, I had to pay US$300 to change the date from July 17 to July 15. KLM said that it was US$150 to change the date, and another US$150 to buy a different seat, or something. Turns out, the class I bought my ticket in wasn’t available anymore. That means, I had to buy a different seat… which was in a different class.

last day
Location of Xiamen City jurisdiction in Fujian – Image Source

Oh, and excuse the uncomfortable look on my face. It was HOT! I have no idea why Xiamen gets so hot! It’s not normal. And I also had a lot of fake hair on my head, so I was burning alive! During the day you can’t wear jeans, it will just chafe. You’d think you’d be able to wear jeans at night, for it SHOULD be cooler during night time. WRONG AGAIN! The guys told me my umbrella was in the way, but I was reluctant to move it. IT WAS HOTTER THAN TEN SHADES OF HELL!

If you do some online research about the weather, you will see that the temperatures don’t really get that high in Summer. But what makes it EXTREMELY HOT, is that there are many skyscrapers. I think those buildings are preventing a good cool breeze from blowing in. It’s so hot! Almost like you’re in this “hot wind vacuum.” I don’t know if any such thing exists, but you know what I mean. 🙂 I am glad that was my last day, because I hear it’s MUCH HOTTER now.

last day
View of the dorms. I love standing on the balcony.

To get back to the whole “different class” thing, I don’t understand all of this. How can there be different classes in Economy Class? I will need to speak to some of my ex-colleagues about this, because I don’t understand it. FYI, I used to work for Surinam Airways back in the day. In this picture, I’m wearing the old uniform, before the changed to the red/yellow one they’re wearing now. Photo courtesy of a talented photographer, Steven Tjin Liep Shie.

My last day in China was amazing. It was hectic, but just the way I wanted it.

I had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, did some shopping, and went back to my room. Afterwards, I bid my friends Ismael and Felix farewell. Ismael might be leaving China. His health has severely declined since his arrival in China, so he’s going back to Angola for a while. I do hope he returns.


I can’t wait to go back home! This year, I missed my family and boyfriend so much! Long distance relationships aren’t for everyone. If you value something and someone, their happiness is important. <3