Guangzhou cuisine
Guangzhou cuisine
Image Source – I am in Fujian Province, close to Taiwan.

Guangzhou cuisine! Time for some food!

I have the afternoon off every Friday, so my friends and I decided to go to a restaurant. The good thing about China, is the opportunity to try different types of food. The bad thing, is the lack in good quality food. I have written about my trouble adjusting to the food here, that’s no secret. But, since a couple of weeks, I have come to love street food a lot!

My roommate loves food, so she suggested we try this new restaurant. I don’t know how she found about it. She always finds great restaurants. We got out of school at twelve o’clock, then I had to wait another twenty minutes for her and Li Li Ting to get ready. By the time we left I was so hungry I could eat a horse!

Guangzhou cuisine
Image Source – Saw Mai

Guangzhou cuisine was a first for me, so I was pretty excited, I wanted saw mai.

I complained about being hungry the entire ride to the restaurant. First, we had to take the bus to the BRT stop, then ride the BRT for another thirty minutes before we arrived there. I was so sure I was going to die! Imagine how happy I was when we arrived!

It was this big mall, I read its name, but I’ve already forgotten it. In the elevator, there was a Chinese guy making small talk with my two Thai friends. He said they were very beautiful, which they are. Before he exited, he asked if he could add them on WeChat. They both looked at me, which made him look my way, asking me if he could add me. The girls immediately said, “Sure, add her, then we’ll add you via her.” HA! They think they’re soooo smart! I added him, but deleted him ten minutes later.

Now for the food! Guangzhou cuisine! Nattiya said it was supposed to be good.

Nattiya ordered a whole bunch of food. She asked me what I wanted to eat, I told her everything and anything, I was so hungry! When the food arrived, Thidawan (Li Li Ting) and I were so happy! Hooray! Food AT LAST!

Guangzhou cuisine
Thidawan (Li Li Ting) and I, so happy that our food had arrived

Just look at our faces! SOOO HAPPY! Nattiya ordered a whole bunch of stuff, Thidawan and I kept encouraging her to order more stuff. I had no idea just how much stuff we ordered, until the food arrived. The waitress told Nattiya, “You are ordering so much food, what if you can’t eat it all? We have a strict no doggy bag policy.” So, that meant we had to eat everything, or we would have to waste good food. I mean, how absurd is that! It’s my money, I’m paying for it. If I want a doggy bag, it should be possible, right? NOT!

Guangzhou cuisine
Just look at that! Isn’t it beautiful?

Our dessert arrived first. The girls like the sweet stuff, me… not so much. Not unless I have a severe case of PMS. In my next post I’ll talk about what happened when the bitch (my period) came flying in on her broom yesterday. Anyway, we were so happy! Just look at our big smiles in the picture! That happiness soon turned into nausea when we had a little too much to eat. We realized our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.

Guangzhou cuisine
Dessert! Thidawan and Nattiya like the sweet stuff, so they ordered a bunch of mini cakes, etc. Chicken feet are a delicacy in my country as well. Thidawan ordered us a plate, she said they’re good for the skin. I didn’t like them: they were poorly cooked, and COLD! It was like eating cold bubblegum!

At first, all was well. Happy to be eating saw mai and my favorite Chinese bread after a long time, I stuffed my face as much as I could. Thidawan followed my example. Twenty minutes into the meal, I realized I couldn’t eat anymore. Nattiya sat across the table from us, a huge smirk on her face. “Hey, Thidawan and Phoenix, what’s wrong? Can’t eat anymore?”

Guangzhou cuisine
I don’t know what this is…

I don’t know what the thing in the picture above is, but it tasted a lot like babat. Not sure, but I think babat is cow’s intestines. In Suriname, I LOVED to eat it! It smells like ass, but it’s so good, especially when it’s SPICY! The Javanese community in my country love to eat it!

Guangzhou cuisine
Spring rolls! These were good!

It was my first time seeing and eating spring rolls here! I LOVED them! Very crunchy, the stuffing was amazing!

Guangzhou cuisine

Thidawan got nauseous before me, she’s so weak, LOL! Nattiya just sat there looking at the two of us, laughing her behind off. “You were hungry, right! You wanted me to order enough to feed an army, and then some. Now, eat up, we can’t take food home with us! HAHAHA!”

Guangzhou cuisine
I don’t know what this is… It’s some kind of bread, with a syrup-y kind of filling.

I didn’t like this, it tasted funny. Nattiya ordered it, so I didn’t have to finish it, thank heavens!

Guangzhou cuisine
Nattiya editing a pic on her cell. She took the before and after pic of Thadiwan and I. This is just half of what we ate that day.

Thidawan and I were so, so, so, so nauseous, we both wanted to throw up. I didn’t know how to say “vomit” in Chinese, so I said, “I want to *vomit sound.” LOL! Thidawan and Nattiya then told me how to say it. Seriously, I was really about to throw up! Because we weren’t allowed to ask for doggy bags, we had to eat it all! We didn’t want to waste any money Look at us at the end of lunch, HAHAHA!

Guangzhou cuisine
Thidawan and I, both on the verge of throwing up

Nattiya laughed the entire time, she said, “Eat, eat, eat,  girls! You have to eat!” I couldn’t even hear the word “eat” anymore, I just gestured to her to shut up! Afraid that I would throw up, I used sign language to communicate with my friends, I was too afraid to open my mouth!

Guangzhou cuisine
Of course, I had to end my lunch with a cup of tea

In case you didn’t know, I only drink tea, I don’t drink coffee. I don’t like the taste of it, don’t like the smell of it. Not that I can’t drink it, I can… but only if there isn’t a way out, like… there’s no water, nothing else to drink. THEN I’ll drink some coffee.

My next time trying Guangzhou cuisine, I’ll make sure to skip breakfast!