Government Class

One of the MCs of the night! I didn’t want to do, I was forced to.

The Overseas Government Class Graduation was on July 4, 2016. My classmate and friend, Ae Kung, told me I had to be one of the MCs, there was no way out. ME? OY VEY! Since I’m the only Surinamese Government employee here, I had to represent my country. I told them to give me very few lines, and thank God they listened to me.

Government Class

Rehearsing our lines for the big day. It was written by a Thai student, she was in her last year. I wasn’t angry in this pic, I promise.

I wasn’t thrilled about it at all, but there was no way out of it. Since I am the only person from my country at this university, so I had no other choice. We got together three times a week leading up to the big event. I think I had only six lines in total, LOL! This year I also couldn’t back out of some poetry-reciting-thing. Listen to me, my fellow countrymen, come to this university to learn Chinese! Being the only Suri here, is lonely at times. I don’t mind being alone, I prefer my own company above that of others. But, sometimes I do miss my countrymen.

Government Class

The 7 MCs of the night. I did have a blast! FLTR: Tan, Ae Kung, F, Me, (forgot her name), Florentina, May.

The quality of the pictures is a little off, they were taken with cellphones. Our leaders (diplomats) came to our graduation ceremony, but my country didn’t have any official representatives. Apparently the embassy in Beijing is understaffed, so only one person had to attend all of the Suri students’ graduation ceremonies. He can’t be in ten places at once. Since Fujian is hella far, he decided it would be best to attend the graduation ceremonies of students closer to “home.”

Government Class

F and I. He is a Thai police officer. One of the nicest persons I’ve met in a while. Thai people have the funniest nicknames.

This year’s Government Class was small. There’s only ONE! Last year there were four or five. Most students either didn’t want to return for the second year, or their boss wouldn’t let them return. Next year’s class will be even smaller. I think only three or four students will continue until the fourth year.

Government Class

Ammie and I. This is one crazy Thai woman, LOL! But I love her craziness!

All of us had to wear traditional Chinese dress. I chose something comfortable. Some of the girls wore really cute dresses with abnormally high heels. They complained the entire night that their feet hurt, but that’s the price for looking cute, hahaha! Me, I choose comfort over “looking cute” any day. I do own heels, and I wear them, but they’re all comfortable and sturdy heels (not old-lady heels, I promise. I like boots). Yours Truly is a “jeans and boots” kind of girl. Do own those uncomfortable heels to match the LBD (which I LOVE!), but I prefer COMFORT over looking sexy or cute. You won’t see me wearing any Beyoncé -ish shoes, LOL! I’d probably end up breaking my neck instead of looking cute!

Government Class

Ae Kung and I. One of the best dancers I’ve met here! And so cheerful, ALWAYS!

I also won’t be able to get out of this year’s Overseas Government Class Graduation Ceremony

I had an amazing time with my classmates. At that time, I didn’t want to leave China, for that meant I’d have to leave my friends there. They made my first year in China so amazing, so unforgettable, I will never forget them. “Lekker is maar een vinger lang.” If you don’t understand it, Google it.

Government Class

Tomp, Me, Nattiya. We had on the same outfit.

We took many, many, many, many photos together! I think I’ll put together a little album of my first year here. Still keep in touch with most of them, but all of them have busy lives. Me, too. But, I will visit all of them very soon!

Government Class

With Sassima

2016 was an amazing year for me! Will say goodbye to this university and beautiful (and cheap) Xiamen in less than four months! This year, I’m more relaxed, happier, and looking forward to the next chapter!






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