going home

Going home is supposed to be a joyous event, but it was a bit hectic this year! Before I begin, I want to apologize for the quality of the picture. It was taken during the flight, which is PROHIBITED! Don’t tell anyone, hihi! Phones have to be switched off. But, it was my first time in Business Class while traveling from China to Amsterdam, so I HAD TO take a picture, even if it was a bad one!

going home
Xiamen Air 787 – Image Source

If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that I made a mistake when I bought my ticket. Well, it really wasn’t a mistake. There were available flights, but then I’d have to fly from Xiamen to Shanghai or ShenZhen, spend a day there. Then the next day, it was off to Amsterdam.

I thought it would be okay, as long as I didn’t leave Schiphol’s transit area. Well, that was a HUGE mistake. FYI, even though Suriname was colonized by The Netherlands until 1975, Surinamese people need visas to enter that country. In the past, many Surinamese went there and stayed there illegally, so maybe that also has something to do with it. The history between our two countries is complicated. Now’s not the time nor the place to enlighten you about it. Google can help, tho.

God and the angels above really must love me! They made going home possible!

When I reached the airport around 22:00, I was all psyched that I was on my way home. “Yeah, you’re going home! This is amazing!” But that euphoria was short-lived. The young man in passenger handling told me I probably wouldn’t be able to leave China. That’s also when he told me that “transit” means that you have to leave the airport’s international area, within 24 hours. I didn’t know that.

After many, many phone calls, he told me I could leave, but I probably wouldn’t be able to check-in my luggage. After another ten minutes, he told me that I could leave, could check my luggage in, but I might not get it in Suriname. I had had to sign this disclaimer. It said that, if something happened to my luggage, damage, or what-have-you, I couldn’t sue anyone. That means, I couldn’t sue Xiamen Air, KLM, not even Surinam Airways (SLM).

I was like, “You know what, as long as that means I’m going home, I’ll sign anything you want me to.”

They kept me there until 23:41, but boarding time was 23:40. I RAN like hell! When I finally reached my seat, I smelled like wet dog. I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to leave, I couldn’t stop sweating. It was close to my time of the month. This month I wasn’t craving sweets, but I smelled like horse. I pitied the people that had to sit next to me for 11 hours and 25 minutes.

I’m going home, but I have to sit in Economy Class again. The flight from Xiamen to Amsterdam is so uncomfortable. Business Class is a MUST!

I dreaded the fact that I sat on the emergency isle. No private TV, almost no space, I hated it! All of a sudden, a young woman by my side turned to me and said, “Are the two of you traveling together?” while pointing to the man on my right. I answered, “No, we’re not together.” She continued, “My husband is in Business Class, but we would like to sit together. Would you mind switching seats with him?”

going home
Xiamen Air Boeing 787 Business Class seats. YEAH BABY! – Image Source

CHANGED SEATS! What an upgrade! I was soooooooo happyyyyyy! It was amazing! The food’s not that great, but I was pretty excited to order from a menu. What I also liked, was the TV! I had my own personal TV!

going home
Look at me in Business Class! Sorry for the quality of the picture, I had to take it sneakily

What I LOVED, is the fact that the chairs recline all the way into a bed! I slept like a baby! Greatest flight EVER! Come to think of it, a few days before my flight, I was thinking about how awesome it would be to travel in Business Class. The flight from China to Amsterdam is exhausting! Sitting in Economy Class isn’t comfortable.

going home
My breakfast

Was the breakfast any good? Not really, but it tasted GREAT because I was in Business Class. I watched two movies, John Wick 2 and Lion. Dev Patel is an amazing actor. He did an AMAZING job in Skins as Anwar. That’s one of the shows I can watch over and over!

Anyway… I am grateful for it all! Many more experiences like this to come!