girl bonding

“Girl bonding” is very important. We all need girlfriends we talk to about “girl stuff,” which is everything from penis size, a mean girl from school who’s now a fat cow, to talking about getting a promotion at work. A few days ago, my roommate invited me to the movies. Beauty and the Beast had been playing for a few days, so she bought three tickets. One ticket for herself, one for our classmate, 李丽婷 (Li LiTing), and one for me. I love the cartoon, so why not go see the movie?

What do I think about the movie? Eh *shrugs* I love Kevin Kline, he’s one of my favorite comedic actors, but I would like to have a talk with the casting director. I think Sir Anthony Hopkins would’ve done a better job. But that’s just my opinion, you don’t have to agree with it. When The Beast turned into a man, he wasn’t that handsome, either. I was like… Eh! *shrugs* You know it’s bad when you think the cartoon version of the Prince is hotter than the human Prince. I expected to see a young Brad Pitt-ish type of guy, or a David Beckham… or a Tom Hardy, if he were a naughty Prince, LOL!

I did enjoy all the homosexual jokes, it isn’t a G-rated movie, parents. After the movie ended, we had a little girl bonding session, LOL! In other words, a photoshoot!

girl bonding
Image Source – Tom Hardy… OOOOH LA LAAAAA!!!

It was the best day of girl bonding I’ve had in a long time!

My friends LOVE to take pictures! Walking through the mall, we came across this beautiful display on the first floor. 李丽婷 was like, “LET’S TAKE PICTURES!” I thought to myself, “Oh gosh, here we go!” I don’t really like taking pictures all that much.

girl bonding
My roommate and I… I don’t like taking pics, but I had to be a good sport. Turns out, I’m thankful for the memories.

After many, many pictures, I kind of enjoyed this girl bonding. If I were in my country, I would feel really silly doing this, but here, it’s as normal as breathing. We weren’t the only ones posing for pictures that day. Have I told you that Chinese people probably take more pictures and selfies than all Kardashians combined?

girl bonding
After a kazillion pictures, I was kind of enjoying myself.

I think we spent almost fifteen minutes there. After posing, and sometimes forcing myself to smile (though I did enjoy myself a little), I wanted to make my thoughts clear by pointing to the  STOP sign, LOL! Li LiTing is the Queen of taking pictures. She told me that if I go out with her, we WILL take pictures, so I might as well get used to it.

girl bonding
With Li LiTing, our classmate and friend.

My roommate and I have been classmates since last year, but Li LiTing and I were classmates for only one semester. She is one of the people who decided to change class. I didn’t really like her in the beginning, because I thought she was really nosy. Now I know it’s just who she is: she likes to ask questions, LOL! I don’t mind talking about my life, but I hate it when people ask stuff, especially when we’re not really close. She kind of grew on me, I guess, LOL! Li LiTing is also Thai and in the army, which surprised me, for she is very small. I’m not tall, and she’s shorter than me!

What was the next step in girl bonding? Trying some lipstick!

We were on our way to the grocery store, when I spotted some makeup. I want to lipstick or lip gloss, so I stopped. Li LiTing was like, “YEAH! Put on some lipstick!” So I did! Pulled a few silly faces as well.

girl bonding
Trying on some red lipstick! First time trying Chinese makeup products

I’m not one to wear a full face of makeup. Mascara, eyeliner (or kajol), eyebrow pencil, sure. But I don’t spend time contouring and whatnot. It takes too much work to put it on, and to take it off. I don’t have that time nor the patience. Since Rimmel, Maybelline and L’Oréal are so hard to come by here, I think I will try Chinese mascara. Last year I bought an eyebrow pencil, and I loved it. Maybe I should try a mascara now?

girl bonding

Okay, to be honest, I think the caption should read SACRY FACE instead of SILLY FACE. I have huge eyes, I know. People LOVE them here in China. They’re something I get complimented on every single day! “Oh, your eyes are so beautiful! So big!”

I used to hate my eyes, for I got teased a lot. Kids can be mean, I tell ya. Of course there were people that complimented me, but then there were those irritating kids that made owl sounds when I walked by. Since coming to China, I LOVE MY EYES!

I tried some lipstick, but I didn’t buy it. It cost almost 300 Renminbi, that’s US$50, more or less. If I’m paying that amount of money for some lipstick, it better be MAC or some other brand I’m familiar with. THEN I will happily pay it. I think I’ll start with drugstore makeup first, then make my way to the more expensive Chinese brands.

My roommate, Nattiya, and Li LiTing wanted to buy some bread and some fruit, so we resumed walking to the supermarket. Of course I had to take a picture, and Li LiTing happily  posed for me. I’ve never met someone who loves taking pictures as much as she does. And why not? She’s very photogenic!

girl bonding
Li LiTing happily poses with an apple