fried rice

Fried rice in Chinese is 炒饭. Yeah, I couldn’t say this two years ago. Thai students always know how to find the good restaurants. The restaurants are filthy, but the food is SO GOOD! I guess (when it comes to certain things, wink wink) the dirtier, the better! The first time I came to this restaurant, I didn’t want to touch anything. I was sure I’d need a tetanus shot afterwards. But, two of my ex-classmates invited me to have lunch with them… I didn’t want to insult them by pulling up my nose.

I followed their example and ordered the fried rice. It’s fried rice with pieces of roast duck and cabbage. Believe me when I tell you, that it is very delicious! You also have to believe me when I say that I’ve never had lunch in a dirtier place. I decided to not put a picture of the inside of the restaurant, it will turn your stomach. But I go there regularly now to eat that fried rice.

I know you’re wondering what the “fried rice” place looks like, so I’ll try to describe it to you the best I know how.

You can see that, once upon a time, the walls of the restaurants were a crispy white color. The ceiling, which also used to be white, is hanging and there’s a gaping hole there. The seats were a nice blue/grey color, but they’re … a different color now. Come to think of it, I think this is enough. The more I think about it, the more it makes me not want to eat there. But I love the fried rice, so I will go back, LOL! Dirty restaurants and certain food safety aspects… I’ve learned to care less about them in China.


fried rice
My fried rice!

I dared one of my Angolan friends to have lunch with me. They cook their own food, they cannot stand Chinese food. But, since he wanted to indulge me, he agreed. I prepared him that it was a filthy place, very filthy, but I’d never gotten sick from eating there. Couldn’t stress enough that he had to close his eyes to his surroundings and just think about the food. Don’t even think about what the kitchen MIGHT look like, just don’t think at all. He ended up liking it. I knew he would, the rice is good! I also like the whit thingy in the bowl. It’s pickled radish. It’s soooo gooddddddd!

fried rice
Pickled radish! Love it so much, that I eat a piece with every single bite of fried rice

I like to try new things. This means I like challenging myself, I like going out of my comfort zone. Since my experience in the interior, sleeping everywhere, eating stuff I wouldn’t normally eat, I kind of don’t know where or what my comfort zone is. “Adaptable” is my middle name. LOL! I used this word during a class I taught on Friday. It was about Culture Shock. I’ll tell you about that class in another post.