dating myself

The most fun I had dating, was when I started dating myself. Every single week, I look forward to Date Night! There was a time I wouldn’t be caught dead having dinner alone. I always thought people who dined by themselves were sad. The first thing that crossed my mind was, “Don’t they have any friends to have dinner with? Poor soul.”

Have no idea why, but people eating or drinking alone, always gives me the idea they are lonely. Now that I am in a different phase in life, I know being alone, doesn’t mean one is lonely. And, being surrounded by people, also doesn’t mean one isn’t lonely. Believe me, I have socialized with people before, but felt unconnected and out of place the entire time.

Back home, I used to take myself to the movies every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I spent almost the entire day at TBL Cinemas. Afterwards, I treated myself to some dinner. I ate whatever I was in the mood for, be it McDonald’s or a juicy king crab. That’s when I discovered that going to the movies alone, is better than going with someone. People always want to talk, they sometimes ask questions, or they chew like hyenas on their popcorn. I loved being in my own company.

Dating myself is very important to me.

I make sure I don’t make any plans that might interfere with me spending quality time with myself. When I first came to China, I didn’t have a lot of time to spare. I was too busy learning to understand the interesting language that is Chinese. My second year here, I make it a priority to take myself out.

dating myself
I love tea, not a coffee drinker at all.

One of my friends introduced me to this restaurant. She is a very nice woman from South Korea, came to China with her husband to study Chinese. Both of them are retired, their kids are adults, so they’re enjoying their life now. I love that, and I hope I will be lucky enough to do the same when I reach that age.

When they told me it was in the Marco Polo area in Xiamen, I was a little hesitant. The restaurants there are a little expensive, and I’m kind of on a budget this year. I spent A LOT of money on eating at foreign restaurants last years, so I wanted to try something different this year. We had a very lovely lunch, and I vowed to return.

dating myself
The appetizer… if the bread had been fresh, it would’ve been AWESOME! Was a little stale.

It was the first time I had dinner by myself. To be honest, it felt great. There were many more people dining alone, so that also made me feel better. They also seemed to enjoy themselves tremendously. I know the garlic bread looks good in the picture, but it really wasn’t. It was so stale! That’s one strike for Strada 22.

Dating myself in China has been very interesting and somewhat expensive, LOL! But I’m worth every penny.

dating myself
Mushroom soup. It didn’t taste like it came out of a can, I like that.

I studied the menu before ordering. There weren’t that many soups to choose from. It was either mushroom, tomato, or some nasty looking soup. I chose the mushroom soup, and I didn’t regret my choice. Very creamy, tastes really fresh, the mushroom flavor wasn’t too overpowering. Lamb chops were my choice for an entrée. They also didn’t disappoint.

dating myself
Lamb chops!

Strada 22 won back the points they lost with the stale garlic bread. But, it’s still something they need to work on. I went there twice, the bread was stale both times. The second time around, I told them about it, and they offered me “fresh” bread. I was too stuffed to eat it.

dating myself
My journal. I am addicted to Peter Pauper Press journals, they are THE BEST!

My day isn’t complete without a nice cup of tea, and writing in my journal. There’s always so much that happens in twenty-four hours, so I always have a lot of stuff to write about. I spent almost two hours writing in my journal, sipping tea, and enjoying the music in Strada 22.

dating myself
I love the flowers on the table!