When the school year first started, I felt… really old! Only two of my classmates are not in their twenties or late teens. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am in a class with babies. Though some of them are in their early twenties or late twenties, the things they talk about and like to do… I realize that I am in a different phase than them. But that’s OK, because I have learned many things from them. One of them, is how to study hard, but have fun at the same time. These classmates really give a new meaning to “work hard, play even harder.”

My classmates in a popular student hangout, called “Phoebe.” It’s a five-minute-walk from our school, so most of them go there on Fridays to drink.

Last year’s classmates were boring. Not all, there were a few that were fun. But there was no unity, not like in my first year. I really loved that class! They were AMAZING! Wish we could have gone all through senior year with one another, but some of them were only here for one year, some of them for two. They need permission from their boss if they wish to continue on to the fourth year.

This year’s classmates are something else! During our midterms, they created a WeChat group especially for cheating, LOL! Can you imagine?

They fucking cheat on exams like CRAZY! You have no idea! I had to put the “fucking” before “cheat,” because they cheat so much! Even some of the innocent-looking-students, during our exams, you’ll see them pulling out their phone or small pieces of paper. I was the only one not cheating! REALLY!

Not that I am a saint, far (FAR) from it! I cheated like crazy while in high school.

Back then it was normal, you kow. You are in high school, cheating was cool, you don’t want to be the only one without a cool “cheating story” to tell. So you cheat. In my case it was more… I watched too much TV and never studied. That’s how my parents punished me when I was younger: they would take away my TV priviliges. Now I’m so tired of TV. The Internet is my TV. By that, I mean I like to watch documentaries on YouTube and other websites. Cheating was OK when I was a teenager, but now that I am an adult, it feels like I am lying to myself. As if I have not earned my grades and don’t deserve my diploma.

My classmates don’t give a shit, of course. They still cheat like crazy.

Not all of them cheat, of course. Maybe one or two don’t. I am one of them. Cheating as an adult, I think that is embarrassing. Either I know the answer to a question, or I don’t. If I don’t know an answer, I will not look around the classroom, hoping someone will catch on and give me the answer. Just leave it blank, that’s what I do. I am prouder with my 75 for Business Chinese, because I earned it by myself. Most of the students got 90-something, but they all cheated. They don’t give a frig, of course. To be honest, I did pull out my phone during my 写作 exam. There were a few words I didn’t know, so I asked my dictionary.

Two of my classmates, Rendi and Chris. That’s me in the back, LOL! I m taking notes.

Rendi is from Indonesia, Chris is from the Philippines. Though Chris and I have been in the same class for over two years now, I still don’t know him that well. There’s age difference and also the fact that he seldom comes to class. This was his last semester in China, so he really only wanted to have fun with his friends. I don’t blame the kid. Outside of class, he does spend a lot of time with the others, but I don’t really mix with them. Not that I don’t like them, I do, but I fel really old when I am with them. They REALLY are teenagers, LOL!

I am not judging them at all, I just think it’s funny they cheat as much as they do!

To cheat or not to cheat, that is the question. It’s up to them. Just like it’s up to you if you want to catch food poisoning and die. Free will and all, you know?