Chinese poetry

Reciting Chinese poetry was this year’s biggest challenge! My first year in China I had to learn Chinese songs. I hated that class. Not because the songs weren’t interesting, oh they were. It had more to do with me not seeing the benefit to learning Chinese songs if I couldn’t understand the language. For our graduation we had to write a graduation essay. I was the only first-year to write a fifteen-page-essay in Chinese.

This year we had to recite poetry. If we didn’t do it, we wouldn’t be able to graduate. I wasn’t really looking forward to it, for it seemed so difficult. So much emotion and body movement is put into reciting Chinese poetry, it’s like acting. Not that I can’t do it, I can. I just don’t take myself too seriously, and I laughed the entire time. What bothered the teachers, is that I almost never showed up for rehearsal. I hoped that because of my frequent absences, they would choose someone else. WRONG!

Since I am the only Surinamese here, I have to represent my Government and my people. No way out of reciting Chinese poetry.

I’ve said it before, but I will say it again: “Please, my fellow Sranan Mans, come to this university so that I won’t be alone!” There are so many Thai students, that only the ones who really want to participate, do so. There are maybe ninety Thai students in the Government Class.

Chinese poetry
With Fah and Nattiya. I know, I know, the peace sign has to go. I just can’t help it, it’s part of Chinese culture.

We rehearsed many times, it was exhausting. When it was clear they wouldn’t choose someone else, I had to go to rehearsal. I hated every single moment of it Pretty sure they could see it on my face. One of the teachers even told me, “Finally you show up. The least you could is smile.” I wanted to tell her where to go, but that would be disastrous. In the pic above, I’d just woken up, was very moody that I had to participate. Didn’t even bother to wash my face and slab on some lip gloss. I was like, “Whatever. Let’s get this over with.”

The big night! Chinese poetry reciting… YAY! That’s sarcasm, BTW.

Chinese poetry
With my friends from school and our teacher. Fah, Uwesh, Hughes and … Forgot his name, LOL!

The big night came and went. Everyone praised my performance. I knew I had it in me, I just didn’t want to do it. Performance Arts really isn’t my thing. It’s funny, because I always thought I’d make a pretty good actress, but no, the spotlight DEFINITELY isn’t for me! I would love to be a writer on a show, like, Scandal (but a good version of it, because I kind of think it sucks ass now) or Being Mary Jane.

Chinese poetry
With Tan, a Thai police officer, and my friend, Morisz. He’s from Jakarta.

I have to say  that I enjoyed that evening very much. No idea what’s going on with the right leg of my pants, I have no idea. Morisz has become one of my good friends here. I love spending time with him. Tan is also very nice, very great guy. We haven’t spoken a lot, but I get a good vibe from him.

Chinese poetry
With the performers!!! Tan, Bordinton, Fah, Me, Nattiya, …, Hughes

We had an amazing performance! I do think I will have to participate in this event again next year… Change of plans, people. I have decided to stay one more year. Why? I will tell you about it later.