Chinese food

My first two weeks back were horrible. I had diarrhea almost every single day. It’s not pleasant to hear about this, I know, I’m sorry, LOL. It was every single day! Since I had this exact same problem my first couple of months here, I really didn’t think I would have this problem again. I read somewhere that once your body gets used to certain bacteria, you won’t have any problems anymore. I thought I was safe from food poisoning, but boy, was I wrong. Well, it seems I have some more “adjusting” to do. I hope “death by Chinese food” will not be the cause for me not dying of old age.

Chinese food
Had lunch at the cozy restaurant I mentioned in an earlier post, “My Struggles Ordering Chinese Food.”

Chinese food has not been kind to my stomach. I went to the cozy restaurant not far from my school, didn’t get sick. It was the first time in three weeks that I didn’t run to the bathroom every two hours. I hadn’t had fish in a long time, so I decided a little change in my diet couldn’t hurt. The food there is quite delicious.

Chinese food has been very disappointing so far. I’ve been eating a lot of Thai food, more than last year.

I thought I’d switch it up a bit and try some Korean food, but BOY!!! That was a wrong decision. I’m never going to that restaurant again. Though the food was tasty and I’ve eaten there before once or twice last year, this time was AWFUL! I was sick for two days. Though it’s Korean food, it’s still a restaurant in China. Restaurant owners don’t really care about food safety. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Chinese food
Korean food I had that made me sick. I enjoyed it going in, but it wasn’t so pleasant coming out.

So, as I’ve said before, Thai food really is the only thing that doesn’t make me sick. I’ve also been cooking a little, so I guess I need to prepare that “Dear Dean” letter, just in case. There really isn’t much of a choice left here. I either die of food poising, or I prepare my own food. Many students still cook, of course. We just make sure not to fry anything. I’ve been eating a lot of  soup.

Since both Chinese food and Korean food are out of the question, Thai food really is the best option.

Chinese Food
My roommate prepared a Japanese dish. She says it’s called “Suki Yaki.”

My roommate prepared a soup for us. She called it Suki Yaki. Don’t know if it’s the correct spelling, I didn’t have time to ask Google. This isn’t Thai food, though. According to her, it’s Japanese. I don’t care what it is, I just know it didn’t make me sick.

The only things I recognized in there, were corn and mushrooms. I don’t know what the rest was, but it wasn’t bad at all. It’s pretty easy to make, too. Just cut up the stuff that’s in there, boil some water, and VOILA! It’s time to eat! It didn’t taste very good, but I will eat anything that doesn’t make me run to the bathroom every two hours. Oh, and I also like anything that has corn in it. I just love, love, love corn. Mushrooms, not so much. I thought it wouldn’t be such a good idea to eat them with my stomach acting up, but luckily it didn’t make me sick.

Since we’re not allowed to cook, the school administration advised us all to eat at a new Thai restaurant that opened around the corner. The kitchen’s run by some Thai students from my school. Two of my male classmates work there. It’s the second Thai restaurant on that street, but this restaurant’s better. Thai students tell me the food tastes the same as it does in Thailand. The other restaurant, the older one, its food tastes… “tainted.” It’s run by a Thai woman and her husband. They’ve been in China for a long time now. Her Chinese is flawless! But, since she also wants to attract Chinese customers, she had to make some adjustments to the food and the ingredients she uses. I can’t tell, really. Both restaurants are good.

Chinese Food
Thai food. I know the name of this dish in Thai, I just can’t write it… YET!