Chinese Food and I have not had the best relationship. Our rocky relationship started when I couldn’t pronounce one of the names correctly. Though Chinese language is interesting, it’s also quite a headche with those four tones. I ended up eating the same thing day after day, just because they couldn’t understand what I was saying. Want to know more? You can read about it here.

My students invited me to dinner. They wanted me to try something new, it’s called 麻辣香锅.

Though Chinese Food and I have had a rocky relationship, I’ve given her many chances to prove to me she’s not as bad as I think she is.Now that I’ve been here for almost two years, my stomach has gotten used to the way food’s prepared here. I remember when I returned to China in October, I had the runs every single day for almost two weeks!

My students and I. Both of them have now become my friends.

The food was good, I enjoyed it very much. I don’t know, maybe I’ve been in China too long. That’s one of the BIGGEST disappointments about living here: the food sucks! It’s difficult to find food that’s really good! it really bothered me my first year here, I thought: “There are over a billion people in this country and not one single one of them can cook to save their life!” Now that I’ve been here a year, I’ve found some pretty decent restaurants, thank heavens!

After dinner, my (students turned) friends and I hung out for an hour. It was so much fun!

I’m not one to take many pictures, but I had so much fun with this app! We took many pictures together that I will cherish for there rest of my life. I know that meeting them again might be a long shot, but I will try my hardest to keep in touch. One of them is moving to Malaysia soon, so I have to add that country to my list of places to see. We will see one another again at my wedding, LOL! They’re already invited! In case you didn’t know, I’m getting married in 2019.

One of my 29 journals

I am in very committed relationship with my Peter Pauper journals. We’ve been in a loving relationship for the past 7 years. I started keeping journals, because I was going through a hard time at that time. Since I wasn’t raised to think it was “notmal” to talk to a shrink, I decided to keep a journal. Recently started reading my very first journal, which I started in December 2010. I was in THE MOST TOXIC relationship at that time… if it can be called a relationship. He was a sorry-tormented-twisted-asshole and I was his punching bag. The shit we put ourselves through…

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After dinner, my students wrote very touching words for me in my journal.

One of them wrote the following:


That means I am her first foreign friend. Future encounters might be difficult, but she will miss me a lot. I will miss her as well.

Then there was this… it touched me deeply.

“I am glad to have met you during my college years, because I’m a bit shy. Because of my character, thought I wasn’t a good girl because I’m not good at anything, no talent. I also dislike my major very much. It was chosen for me by my parents. They like arranging my life, which I don’t like. I am glad to have met you, ebcause you have shown me that I am talented in my own way, and that I can choose what I want to do with my life. You have made my life lighter and made me more outgoing. You have given me more confidence. I like you!”

*teary eyed*