Picture: My beautiful friend, Chiara, holding up a shirt of one of the players. He didn’t play as well as Balotelli, LOL.

Before I start, I need to apologize for m absence. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you already know I arrived almost two months after classes started. I had to catch up AND prepare for midterms, which were less than two weeks away a that time. Afterwards, a little busier reading some books to expand my vocabulary.


My weekend was relaxing. Spent the entire Saturday in the company of a few young Italian students I met a couple of weeks ago. I go by three names at this school, so imagine my surprise when I met Chiara. She invited me to a soccer tournament at Xiamen University (厦门大学) organized by The Nigerian Student Committee of that university. Chiara and her boyfriend, Giorgio, both her from Italy, are amazing… I couldn’t refuse.

The Italian team. 75% Italians, two Turkish guys, one French guy. The team was very aggressive, LOL! Expanded my vocabulary.

How did I end up at that match? Well, Chiara and her boyfriend helped me out last week, they really did. They accompanied me to an event held by a Kindergarten in another area in Jimei (集美). It rained cats and dogs, we had to be there at 08.30, they still went with me. Don’t have to tell you that I couldn’t refuse when she asked me to join her. I don’t like soccer at all, know nothing about any sport involving a ball. This dates back to a trauma more than twenty years ago involving a basketball and my head, LOL. My Dad wanted my sister and I to play basketball, God only knows why.

Chiara, her friend & I were actually supposed to go to Gulangyu (鼓浪屿), but he woke up late… so we couldn’t ditch the match.

If her Giorgio, Chiara’s boyfriend, was winning, we could leave and go explore with a friend of hers who was visiting Xiamen. Sadly, he had a hangover and woke up very late. I sat through two soccer matches, which seemed never-ending. I’m the type of person that roots for the team with the hottest players, so… well… I rooted for Giorgio’s team, for he is my friend, LOL. The guys were OK, but not what I would call HOT!

They made it to the finals, but lost to the team from Xiang’An. Not exactly sure which “xiang” it is in Chinese, will have to look that up. That’s what I love and hate about this language… sometimes the words sound the same, but it’s a totally different character.

Jakobo “Balotelli”, LOL! Walking over to pose for a picture.

 To sum it up… reasons why I love this girl are because she is beautiful, inside and outside, always optimistic and just always a pleasure to be around.