busy bee
busy bee
Been very busy the past couple of weeks. The second semester ends the first week of May.

BUSY BEE! That’s ME! The second semester started three weeks ago. I’ve been very busy doing homework, writing my daily dose of my experiences in China (in Chinese), polishing one of my novels, and preparing to take the HSK 5 exam a month from now. I’ve been pretty busy. Now that I can express myself better in Chinese, my vocabulary is up to 6,000 words now, I’ve been rewriting the stories I wrote last year. The story in the picture below hasn’t been corrected by my teacher yet, so it’s still full of errors. I’ve been a busy bee!

busy bee
Rewriting my experiences in China

Why have I turned into a busy bee? I’m planning the next five years of my life, that’s why.

The first week of the new semester was kind of an (un)pleasant surprise! I’m here on a government funded scholarship (partially funded), and if I want to continue up until the fourth year, I will need to change to a different classroom. If I stay in my current class, my semester ends in May, no midterms … and it will be my last year here, at this university. If I switch classes, this semester ends in July. We’ll have both midterms and final exams. It pissed me off, of course! We were given just three days to make this important decision.

busy bee
汉语水平考试 – HanYu ShuiPing KaoShi books

After talking it over with my best friend (Daddy), then talking to one of my favorite teachers as well, I decided to not change classroom. Though both advised me to change classroom, I think it’s best to try something new. I’ve been in Xiamen (厦门)for almost two years. Yes, it’s one of the safest cities in China, is (still) relatively cheap to live, so why change cities? And, why change universities? Well, this university I’m studying at now, isn’t in the top five hundred best universities in Asia. It will be quite a challenge when I try to wave my diploma in some big company’s face a few years from now. That’s exactly why I googled the top ten schools in China (and also, if they made the list of the top 100 universities in the world).

The busy bee wants to see and experience something new!

China is HUGE! Xiamen is beautiful, but there are other cities far prettier than this one. Taking some time off from my life in Suriname was the best thing I ever did! Why not live life in Asia to the fullest? I told my teacher my plan, and she thinks it’s a GREAT idea! The plan is to apply to the top 10 universities in China, and she’s going to help me prepare the necessary documents. I can’t reveal too much right now, but I will, when everything’s in motion! She also advised me to send my “book” about my experiences in China to convince the universities I’m a serious student (which I am… sometimes, LOL!)

busy bee
Doing my homework

I’m pretty excited about this new chapter, especially when it comes to my novels. I’m hooked on Word Wars. I discovered it by accident, and I’m hooked! It’s so helpful! I struggled with sticking to my writing schedule, but now, that’s no longer an issue. I’m very excited!

Much love!