birthday girl

Birthday Girl, that is ME! Happy 32 birthday to me! I thankful to be a year older, definitely wiser, and much happier than ever before. Extremely grateful to God Almighty for guiding me through hard times, taking toxic people off my path, and keeping me out of harm’s way. My life wouldn’t be so full of love and amazing family and friends, if it weren’t for God, Our Father.

How did the Birthday Girl spend her first birthday abroad? Keep reading!

Last year was my first year abroad, my first time EVER celebrating my birthday without my loved ones & good friends. Not that I make a big deal out of it. I celebrate my birthday how I feel.

birthday girl
With my classmates. Echo, Me, Nattiya, Nat, Ming Yue, Noon, and Micky

Last year I felt a bit vulnerable, because my Dad’s birthday is April 10, the day after mine. We’re always together on his day, even if we don’t celebrate it with a huge party. It would be the first time celebrating those two days without Daddy. I spoke to my classmates, and we all decided to go out to dinner. We went to 海湾公园, HaiWan Park, on Xiamen island.We had an amazing time! They made me feel so loved, so appreciated, I (almost) forgot I wasn’t with my Dad and Mom to celebrate my day.

birthday girl
With Fon, the first friend I made here at school

Want to hear something interesting? Fon is the first person to befriend me here. I felt out of place the first couple of months, and she made me feel welcome. She invited me out to lunch many a times! I am forever grateful to this amazing woman. She and Mom share the same birthday, November 6. Two of my other friends, Ashleen and Chiara, are November 7 and November 4, respectively. I told Mom about it, we both laughed. “No matter where you go, you can’t escape me!” Mom’s right!

birthday girl
Blowing out my candles! Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake! I wonder why I look ten pounds heavier. Emerson, your camera sucks!

Since not all of my classmates could make it, they surprised me again the next day! Which worked out well, because then I kind of got to celebrate with my Dad. They surprised me in class with another cake. When they came in, singing Happy Birthday, I looked around the room and asked, “Who’s birthday is it?” MINE! The Birthday Girl!

birthday girl
With my Listening Comprehension teacher, Teacher Ye.

I have the best classmates! Last year’s classmates are waaay better than this year’s. I miss the unity, I miss our lunches together. Really felt like I belonged there. In this class, not so sure. I will never forget my first birthday with my 三班family. They really made me feel super special! Whenever I will speak of people who forever impacted me, changed my life for the better, I will definitely mention ALL OF THEM!

birthday girl
My Friends! <3

In life, we will meet many people. Some will play an important role in our lives, some will not. I am truly blessed by God to have met such amazing people. They made China a home away from home for me. Without them, my experience in China wouldn’t have been the same. With them, everything was fun and positive! Extremely grateful to have met these people!

Much love to you and yours, from me, on my birthday and my Dad’s birthday! April 9 and April 10 are two special dates for me, and always will be. I will always celebrate my birthday on these two days! I LOVE YOU, DADDY! <3