birthday dinner

The second part of my birthday was great. It was a nice birthday dinner with a few old friends and new acquaintances. Many people showed up, it was so amazing!

birthday dinner
My friends and new acquaintances having dinner.

The first two females on the right are Thidawan and Nattiya. I really like Thidawan very much. She and I almost threw up a couple of weeks ago. We went to a restaurant famous for Guangzhou cuisine. It costs 70 RMB per person, therefore we decided we would get our money’s worth. We really almost threw up, LOL. Good times! One guy, the first on the left, is a complete stranger, I don’t know him. He’s friends with my friend Ammie, she invited him.

My birthday dinner was at Golden Olives, a famous Greek restaurant.

Did I pay for everyone? OF COURSE NOT! Here it is acceptable to invite people to a birthday dinner, but have them pick up their own tab. If I did this in my country, people would call me greedy, among other things. I love the food there, the restaurant is very famous. It’s always very crowded.

birthday dinner
My friend, Mohamed

Mohamed and I met last year. We have been classmates since the start of the second semester. He’s from Sudan. Golden Olives is also his favorite. He goes there twice a week. Since we had class the next day, he suggested we go there. It’s about a ten to fifteen-minute-walk from school, the prices are very reasonable, and the food is good!

birthday dinner
With two of my friends and a complete stranger, LOL! I promise I will ixnay on the peace signnmay.

On my left is Panupat aka K. He’s my classmate and a Thai police officer. I like him so much, because he’s just the biggest teddy bear! Sometimes we sit next to each other in class, so he brings me cookies and bread. I love his optimism, he’s always smiling. Definitely one of my favorite cops! On my right is my friend Yi Yuan. We met last year. He’s learning Spanish as well, so we sometimes speak Spanish to one another. His Spanish name is Enrique. He wished me a happy birthday in Spanish, saying Feliz Navidad, LOL! But I appreciated it.

birthday dinner
With my classmates! Hughes (You), Nattiya, Thidawan and K. Again, sorry for the peace sign, I just can’t help it.

Four of my favorite people! Hughes is from The Philippines, we met last year. Most people here have trouble pronouncing his name. Some call him “Huge,” others call him “You,” LOL! Then there’s my lovely roommate and good friend, Nattiya aka Tata, Thidawan and K.

birthday dinner
With Ammie and The Bella Chiara

I love these two girls very much. Both of them are amazing in their own way. I just love The Bella her hobo-chic style, it really suits her. While Chiara is the modern hippy, Ammie is the siren. She is very sexy! I have spent more time with her this year, and she is a trip! She’s one of the few Asian women with whom I can talk about sex. Talking about sex in China is like talking about fellatio with a nun. Hence, sex talk is off limits.

birthday dinner
With Giorgio and Mohamed.

Giorgio is The Bella’s boyfriend. He’s also a very friendly young man, full of life, and a great sense of humor. I also enjoy spending time with him.  Mohamed is the baby. Literally. He’s just 19. Because he is the eldest and has a lot of responsibilities, he’s much more mature. As a result, I (still) cannot believe he’s just 19. Due to his level of maturity, Mohamed and I are friends now. Seems like we also have the same taste in food.

Stay tuned for another post with more birthday dinner pics!


Until next time, be good!