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Tiara Ray

beta reading servicesStruggling authors usually have a limited budget when it comes to all things related to their book. Books need to be read and read again before presentation to the target audience. If you are an aspiring author and on a budget, feel free to send me your finished manuscript. I will provide you with honest feedback you can work with before publishing, because word-of-mouth sells books faster than any other marketing tool.

WARNING: If you are unable to distance yourself from your work because you’re too attached to it,  I am not the beta reader for you. If we are to work together, I will need you to be able to look at your work objectively.

Why Should You Consider Me for Beta Reading?

  • Cannot help it, but I tend to get emotionally invested into all the books I read, because books allow me to escape into the world created by the author.
  • Romance novels are my favorite, think Harlequin. I am an expert at identifying Alpha Males and Sassy Heroines. I probably read about 3 of these type of book per week.
  • You will receive my honest opinion, be it good or bad.
  • Being that I an aspiring author myself and would love to see others like me succeed.

What I Will Not Do While Beta Reading

  • Correct grammatical errors. Do not expect me to comment on comma usage or Verb Tenses because I don’t have a degree in English Literature or English Language.
  • Review unpublished work. I am beta reading to help you identify plot holes, underdeveloped characters, lagging scenes. When it’s published, hit me up and I’ll write a review.
  • I will not write a blog about the comments I made regarding the manuscript. That stays between the two of us. Furthermore, tell me what you think of my feedback in an e-mail, don’t blog about it and leave me in the dark.
  • I will not mince words: if I don’t like a character, I will come for that character and tell you exactly why.
  • Proof reading, line editing and all of the above. Why? Because as I have said before, I don’t have a English Lit degree, therefore I will supply editing services.

What I Will Do While Beta Reading

  • Give your book a thorough read and provide you with my honest feedback about:
    • the plot
    • the characters and their development
    • what I most liked about the book
    • what I absolutely disliked about the book
    • writing (does it read easily or not)
    • tell you if it will be something I would pay money for or recommend to friends or readers
  • Check if the timeline in the story doesn’t add up, because this sometimes happens to even the best of the best
  • Will inform you know if some scenes serve no purpose
  • I will let you know what I think of every single thing concerning the book, even if you think I might come across as mean
  • I will over you suggestions to improve your work (if you will take my advice), because I want you to succeed
  • Provide feedback as comments. Feel free to track and accept any changes you agree with. Feedback will also be given per chapter and on the book as a whole
  • You will be informed if I cannot finish reading on time

Which Genres I want for beta reading

  • Fiction ONLY!
    • YA Paranormal Romance
    • Paranormal Romance
    • Thrillers
    • Romance novels with sassy and bold heroines
    • Upmarket Women’s Fiction

Time Limit

For detailed information about the prices, please click on this link.

  • Less than 50K words: 2 days
  • Up to 85K words: 8 days
  • More than 85K: up to two (2) weeks
  • Rush Read: 4 day turn around