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I’ve been working on my debut novel since forever, and now it’s really time to wrap it up. The past couple of days, I have been reading an ARC by author Willow A. Renner. My feedback on her project is a week overdue, but I will mail it tonight. I just hope she forgives me for mailing it this late. I’ve been rather busy the past couple of weeks. Now that I’ve give myself until the last week of May to finish my novel, I started to think about the book cover… I need to find out who the best book cover designers are. I’ve read a lot of books; some of them with great covers, other not so great. I have to admit that the cover played a part in my purchasing it or not. Unfortunately books really are judged by their cover. That’s why I spent almost two hours today looking for the best book cover designer on the Internet.

book cover
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I came across this picture when I googled ‘bad book cover design’ and stumbled upon a website. The blogger really tore up those book covers. I seriously didn’t see anything wrong with some of them, but the blogger is an expert, so he/she knows what to look for. This is one of the book covers I saw absolutely nothing wrong with, but then again, I’m not the expert.

Thus began my hunt for the best book cover designers on Twitter. I came across EbookLaunch, Deranged Doctor Designs and Willow Raven.

I really loved the covers EbookLaunch makes, but Deranged Doctor Designs is also very good. I actually saw some covers from author Peiri Ann, and I loved them! I compared the prices of both EbookLaunch and Deranged Doctor; I will get more for my money if I go with Deranged Doctor. Since I am still on a budget, Deranged Doctor it is!  If EbookLaunch also starts to offer Facebook headers, blogging headers, Twitter headers, and banners for the same price, I’ll definitely want to work with them in the near future! I didn’t consider Willow Raven, because I feel like playing her covers; they remind me of The Sims. Not being mean, Willow. I love the game, just not on a book cover. Got me thinking about the Sookie Stackhouse covers; I LOVE the books, but I HATE the covers!

Do you know of any other good book cover designers? I would love to see if there’s another out there that offers the same services as Deranged Doctor.

Take care! 😀